Top 25 wednesday Facebook statuses updates

Okay this is wednesday. I know Facebook users are always update their statuses all the time even wendnesday. Anyway, there’s alot of ideas statuses you can post on your wall: funny, hilarious, love, clever, weekend, jokes, monday, tuesday, and more.

Well, here are wednesday status updates

Today is brought to you by the letter W- W is for Wednesday. That day in the middle of the week that wishes it was Friday but is thankful that it is not Monday.
on Wednesday even the calendar says W T F !!
Good morning, may all your ups and downs on this day be between the sheets. Happy hump day ! “;o}”
Wednesday is here, but I am not. I’m still asleep, in my favorite spot. I need to wake, for I am soo tired. But I must get to work, before I get fired. ~S.L.P~
It’s Hump Day today! However, I haven’t been humped nor done any humping! I think I’m getting ripped off. Where’s the complaint dept?
Hello Wednesday! So nice to see you again! We’re halfway there!
says, it’s Wednesday. Hump day. Can you smell it? It’s only 48 hours away! The weekend!! Yippee! It’ll be here before we know it. Hang on you’ll make it!
Today is “Wondrous” Wednesday..a celebration of miracles. Take today to be thankful for the miracles in your life! Have a great day!
It’s hump day. Anything standing still for more than three seconds is considered fair game.
Has anyone noticed that when you know it’s Hump Day, there is always a little extra wiggle in your walk? Is it an invitation?
If i stand on my tippy toes i can see the weekend from here! OMG YAY!I can not wait…oh its Wednesday…
Monday, I hate you. Tuesday, you stink too, Wednesday still pushing’ it, Thursday, getting better, Friday…love ya! Saturday you are heaven, Sunday you’re OK
– the name ‘hump day’ is disappointingly misleading. It’s already past lunchtime & I haven’t been humped once! 🙁
Have a beautiful, loving, breathtaking, passionate Wednesday my genuine friends and family!! Love you!
Wednesday – That day in the middle of the week that wishes it were Friday but is thankful it’s not Monday.
It’s Wednesday – Is your week half empty or half full?
People call Wednesday “Hump Day”, I call this false advertisement!
Tuesday down, Wednesday on deck, Thursday to load the bases and Friday to clean up!
We are halfway there!!! Where you say??? Halfway to Friday!!! Yeeeesssss!!
Part of me is thinking ‘Wow. It’s Wednesday already.’ and the other part is thinking ‘What do you mean, it’s only Wednesday?!’
Holy weekdays Batman – it’s Wednesday !
Bi-polar Wednesday – that day where you fluctuate between, “WooHoo, the week is half over” and “Oh crap, the week is only half over.”
WARNING…My give-a-d@mn is busted and I’m all out of give-a-sh*t. It must be Wednesday!
To those of you proclaiming today as “hump day”, please keep your extra curricular activities to yourselves! We’re not all so lucky 😉
Happy.Hump Day! Just two more days til the weekend. I’ll raise my coffee to that!

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