Dec 3, 2012

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Status 2012 End of The World Facebook Updates (Doomsday)

This is month of December 2012, the month that some people believed and has predicted that the world will end  at date Dec 21, 2012 has made many folks are shocked. It was a Mayan’s propecy according to their calender’s cycle about the doomsday. However many people has denied it, and rejected that , including some scientiests that said what Mayan has predicted about the calender’s tablet was “misreading”, it’s only the beggining of new era (New Year). It’s just like our calender’s cycle about end of the year to welcome a new year. Well, I’m not here about to explain that dispute, whether the propecy is right or wrong, live must go on. But one thing you need to know that the doomsday’s predictions is not only happened once, but many times long ago (especially since the beggining of 2000), but none of them it’s proven.

Well, here are some Facebook statuses ideas about the end of the world to post on your Facebook’s wall, which some of them are funny, serious, even!

END OF THE WORLD which was scheduled for 2012 has been postponed to 3012 due to some technical problem! Please co-operate & continue living with spirit! 🙂

The world will NOT end in 2012. I should know cause I got a can of peas that expire in 2013. We’re SAFE guys! 😉

Okay come on guys, They can’t even predict the weather right, The World Will Not End. I Promise.

Once I have my own kids, I’m going to make them watch the movie 2012 and tell them that I survived it.

The yr of the cow we had mad cow disease.The yr of the bird we had bird flu.In the yr of the pig we had swine flu.No wndr were screwed 2O12 is yr of the dragon!

I know why the world is gonna end in 2012. No more Harry Potter movies.

If the world really does end in 2012, I’ve wasted all my life in school. How lovely is that?

The world will NOT end in 2012, you guys! My phone calendar goes up to 2019! We’re gonna be alright!

When I wake up on December 22, 2012, I’m going to yell EPIC FAIL really loud so all you idiots out there can hear it!

Guys! The world wont end this year! One Direction has a 2013 Tour! Therefor, One direction saved the world…

Don’t worry guys! The world will not end in 2012, I have a can of peas that expires in 2013! We’re gonna be alright!

People are all freaked out about the end of the world this year. All I have to say to them is that the Mayans also thought people were made out of corn O.o

To those who came up with the idea the world will end in 2012, did u ever stop to think maybe the Mayans just got killed while they were making the calendar!!

Who says that the world will end in 2012? I mean, if man kind was supposed to know when the world would end, then God WOULD NOT have said no man shall know!

Ok lets make a bet if the world doesn’t end in 2012 you owe me money. If it does i owe you. Like it if you get it 😉

is going to wake up on Dec 22, 2012 and do the same thing I did when I woke up Jan 1, 2000 and booted up my computer. Open up my window and yell S*CK*RS!

I know we are not going to die in 2012. Cause my cereal expires in 2014

On 12/22/12 I’m gonna run out side and scream I. AM. ALIVE!

It’s okay if the world ends in 2012, because I have life insurance, it’s called being a Christian. If you want to be a part of this, call 1-800-PRAY-2-GOD.

want to know how I know the world isn’t going to end in 2012…I have a can of coke that says it expires in 2013 ^^

I Can’t wait till 2012 ends because my status is going to be… Anyone Alive??

I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, but this is the 4th end of the world I’ve survived.

For all those who believe the end of the world is coming Saturday, please send me your money, You won’t need it anyway right? 🙂

is confused. The world was supposed to end with the coming of year 2000…again with 6pm May 21, 2011…again with December 21, 2012. MAKE A DECISION ALREADY!

Three very CLEAR messages in the Bible: 1. Love God & love your neighbors, 2. Do Not Judge Others – ever, 3. Nobody knows when the world will end – nobody.

if the world was about to end and u could save five things, and escape on a ship to a new planet, what would they be?? choose wisely

If we are all dying in December of 2012… then why are they making 2013 calendars already?

I doubt the world will end in 2012…they can’t even predict the weather right!

Dear end of the world fanatics, I will be accepting your cash and assets starting 12/01-12/21 deadline 12am. I will invest your money wisely in 2013. Thanks!

The Mayans got it right the world is ending on 12/21/2012, The day when Hostess close their doors and there will be no more Twinkies.

If you are one of the people who believe it is the end of the world feel free to donate all your money belongings and assets to me

If the world does end in 2012, it’s OK because I will have seen all of the Harry Potter movies.

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