Oct 28, 2011

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How to block/disable Facebook ads and all web pages for Chrome (Extention)

These days Facebook still the most popular social network used by hundreds of millions of people in this world. As it is used by millions of people, so many companies / individuals who advertise their products on Facebook and you see the ads that appear on the right sidebar of your Facebook page profile. However maybe some of you hate the appearance the ads on Facebook, so you think to disable all ads. While in earlier post I have published how to disable Facebook Live Ticker that many users hates too.

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If you really want to disable, block, remove the advertisements of Facebook, Youtube, even all the web pages. Then with using the most popular with over 2 million users Chrome extension named AdBlock you can now to block all over the web advertisements on all web pages, even Facebook and Youtube.

All you need to do just click “Add to Chrome” and click install, then you wait a few seconds the installing process, and bing bang you’ll see the das dissappear from your facebook, Youtube, and all the wep pages.

Now you’ll see your Facebook page clean from any ads, sponsor, advertisments.

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