Apr 23, 2013

Easy Way to Fixed Error 403 in Android Play Store

Today when I was going to download one of the app named “App2sd” in Android play store I found the error notice that says “could not be downloaded due to an error 403”. I thought it was an error of the network connection, but after I checked it out, the network connection was just fine. So, that I tried again to download, but that notice show again and again everytime I tried to download any apps in the Play Store and it always failed. Then I Googled it and found some tips about how to fixed error code 403 in Android Play store, but the error still the same until I found these easy ways out to resolve the 403 error code, then here’s something I can share with you:

1. The Proxy Settings
Fixed the proxy setting was the thing that resolved my issu about this 403 error that it’s worked and made Android Play Store back to normal again, so that I can download any apps in the Play Store. Just follow the easy steps:

– From the Menu, just click “Settings” –> “Wireless & Networks”

– Now just simply click “Mobile Networks” –>  “Access Point Names”

– Now if you have 2 SIM Cards in your Android Mobile, just choose the one that You used to Data Connection, and select “GPRS”, then you set up the “Proxy” to <Not Set>. Meanwhile if you’ve found there’s the proxy code, just remove and klik “OK” to be set up to <Not Set>.

2. Clear the Cache on the Play Store

-To do this, from the menu just simply click “Settings” –> “Apps”

– Now you find “Google Play Store” and then click on it, and then “Clear Cache”

– Now restart your Android, and then try to access the Play Store to download any apps you want.

If those ways doesn’t worked. Then you might be try another way out by adding or replacing with the new Google account, by simply navigate it from the “Menu” -> “Settings” -> “Acounts & Sync” -> “Add Account”

I’ve tested that tips and it’s worked in my Android mobile phone 2.3.6 Gingerbread version.

Mar 21, 2013

1 One-Direction Status Updates for Facebook

I know you guys gonna loves this one, I’m sure the reason you’re landing on this page it’s because your a Directioner, aren’t you? I know you’re very excited about how much you love the one-direction boy bands, you might be screaming when you look at them, singing all their songs, and be happy with it. Everytime Facecook asks you with the question “What’s on Your mind?”, you’ll probably gonna say “1direction”, “One-Direction”, nothing else but them all. Well, for those who are really a BIG fans of One-Direction then here are the idea of Facebook statuses collection about One-Direction to post on your wall. Show to all of your Facebook’s friends that you are the loyal Directioner, and you’re not a Bieber’s Fever ..Lol :D,

30 Statuses about One-Diretion Boy Bands

I LOVE ONE DIRECTION they are so cute I LOVE THEIR songs and I love them so cute I am a DIRECTIONER and I am proud of it.

I think I have this disease called One Direction Infection…and there’s no cure ;D

My mom calls it crazy I call it being a directioner 🙂

I love One Direction, so what?? Got a problem?? COME AT ME BRO

Directionator: i hate one direction, and directioners!! Me: *grabs knife walks out door* BYE MOM 🙂

1 irish+4 british=One Direction

Your my one to my direction. Your my Harry, I’m your Louis. We’re best friends!

Friend: oh look a pigeon! Me: (runs after pigeon) KEVIN! COME BACK KEVIN! 😀

real hair color is brown,favorite color is green,eye color is blue,loves food and his home land is ireland.when it comes to Niall,I know everything.

like if you wish you want a horan hug <3 <3 <3 <3

I’m a Directioner and I’m proud of it!<3

Whats on your mind? Duhh…One direction <3

*Zayn rips off Louis’ blindfold* BAHHHH THE LIGHT!!! oh i can see you now

Is waiting for One Direction to bust through the door and take me away

“If I were a food, I’d be a chili, because.. you know.. I’m hot!”~ Louis Tomlinson <3

One way or another I’m gonna see ya I’m gonna meet ya meet ya meet ya one day maybe next week I’m gonna meet ya meet ya meet ya meet ya-Louis Tomlinson

Y.O.L.O= You only love one direction!!!

twinkle twinkle Liam Payne,Niall,louis,Harry,zayne

we found liam in a spoonless place we found louis in a carrot cake we found nandos at Niall’s place we found zayn staring at his face

Now Bieber fever is gone One Direction Infection is taking the world! #1D4Ever

Truly, madly, deeply foolishly completely falling in Love with you. 🙂

Let’s go crazy,crazy,crazy till we see the sun<3 One Direction<3

One way or another I’m gonna see ya I’m gonna meet ya meet ya meet ya one day maybe next week I’m gonna meet ya meet ya meet ya meet ya-Louis Tomlinson

I’ve met One Direction 6 times. Multiply that by 5. Add 10 and minus 40. BE JEALOUS!

Let Niall sing because me and many other Directioners LOVE him! Ok? Yes Ok!

Hi I’m Liam! I’m Zayn! I’m Harry! I’m Niall! And I’m (..your name here…)!

a true directioner will understand what Nandos is. Who says Vas Happenin. 1..2..3..Flick. and 12 nipples, 9 kidneys, 5 boys, 1 direction <3

I love that everything I say and do I always make it relate to ONE SMOKEN DIRECTION! ~A Directioner

Don’t Like Niall.? Then GTFO. Niall Is 100% COOLER than you will EVER be, so step off -.-

Liam= the smart one Harry= the flirt Zayn= the vain one Niall= the funny one Louis= the leader!! Ha Louis’ a pretty immature leader but that’s why we love him

1 boyfriend? A good girlfriend. 2 boyfriends? A cheater. 5 boyfriends? A directioner! 🙂

Mar 20, 2013

30 Forgive Statuses for Facebook – Forgiveness

Forgiveness Facebook Status – The problem is everbody makes a mistake. I, You, He, She, They, all of us had made a mistake at least once in this life, that’s why no body’s perpect. But it doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. It is your forgiveness that set you’re free from hurt feeling. Don’t hold your anger, let them flow by forgiving them. Forgive everyone in your life and release them, You’re free and they’re free. This life is about the vibrations, so don’t waste your time by creating a bad vibrations, instead create love and spread it. Anyway, these below are best Facebook statuses idea about forgive, forgiveness, forgiven to post on your Facebook wall and to be shared with your friends, because these statuses has a very good words, inspiring, and powerful. Then here they are:

To find forgiveness for the past is to find hope for the future

hold your loved ones close today. Tell them how much you love them . Take time to say “I’m sorry,” “please forgive me,” “thank you” or “it’s okay”.

let’s keep our promises. let’s forgive. but never forget. what we had & still might have is and was special. i hope you know that. never forget me.

Its funny how the people that make the biggest mistakes and hurt others so easily, are the ones who are incapable of forgiving someone else of their mistakes.

To move on from past mistakes you must first stop making them in your present, otherwise there is no future.

Sad, Hurt, Angry, Mad & Disappointed. But you know what? I’ll get over it, I will forgive, but it doesn’t mean I will forget.

Always forgive your enemies–nothing annoys them more– kill them with kindness because it is the best revenge you will ever give.

EVERYONE makes mistakes… If you can’t forgive others, don’t expect others to forgive you.

How do you forgive so easily, and not fully know if they are really sorry. but yet invite them back into your life, knowing what they are capable of?!

I don’t forgive because I am weak, I forgive because I am strong enough to know that people are not perfect and make mistakes.

Life is too short… live for today, in case tomorrow never comes.. forgive and forget.!!

I forgave you and tried to forget and you did it again. I’ll forgive you again, but this time I’m also going to forget you.

Never look back,but never forget.Always forgive,never regret.Appreciate what you have today,’cause it might be gone tomorrow and you will be filled with sorrow

I don’t forgive because I’m weak nor stupid,I forgive simply because I’m strong enough to realize that people aren’t perfect and we all make mistakes.

The worse pain is knowing you hurt the ones you love without meaning to. Even if forgiven it will always haunt you… because you can’t forgive yourself…

Holding onto anger imprisons your soul. Forgiveness through Christ will set you free

The past is the past. If you have regrets, let them go and forgive yourself. These are what can help shape your future and make you a better person.

we laugh, we fight, we tell each other EVERYTHING, sometimes we don’t get along but we’re best friends and that’s what best friends do

To forgive does not mean to forget — it means giving up the chance to get even.

Life is short. Break the rules. Kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably.Forgive quickly

When it’s the hardest to forgive… forgive! When it’s the hardest to be patient… be patient. When it’s the hardest to love… love!

Have you ever had an overwhelming urge to forgive and embrace those who have screwed you over?? Ya- Me NEITHER!

Sometimes in life we forgive people simply because we can’t live without them.

Don’t take out your anger on the person you love, forgive the one who hurt you and find peace within your heart.

Just because you have forgiven someone… does not mean you will let them do it again. Forgiving and cutting them out is not the same as holding a grudge.

Be forgiving without being a fool. Let go of the pain, but hold onto the lesson it taught you. You want clarity and closure, not baggage.

Unforgiveness is a poison in your soul, your life will always be bitter if you don’t learn to forgive.

Life is too short to hold a grudge, Learn to forgive…

Live everyday like its your last love like there is no tomorrow forgive the people who have done you wrong because there just might not be a tomorrow

Unfortunately, I: fall too fast, care too much, forgive too easy, wait too long, miss people I shouldn’t, worry over nothing, and over-think everything

Mar 14, 2013

30 St Patricks Day Status for Facebook – Irish Day

Here are more statuses updates idea about Saint Patricks day to post on Facebook wall to be shared with your friends, or you may celebrate it with the family. St. Patricks day is special day for all Irish arround the world, and may you all enjoy this celebrations.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! A grand day it is.. don’t have to be good, by any gifts..pinching is acceptable and you can drink till you’re green! <3 being IRISH!!!

<~*~> An Irish wink, and a Irish drink. Is the perfect way to start St. Patty’s Day. <~*~>

KISS ME, I”M IRISH!! Tain’t No Lie! I Truly Am!! So,MUAH to all my Irish Friends Today AND ALWAYS ; )

Sure’n ’tis true good friends like you are treasures to behold– More magical than rainbows, more valuable than gold! happy St. Patrick’s day

I found My Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow!! I was looking everywhere!! Then I realized My Pot of Gold was You!! Happy St. Patty’s Day my FB Friends. ~*~

‘An a g’d nite t’ ya all, I’m off t’ play wit’ d’ Leprechauns, in d’ land o’ nod!

Irish today , Shitfaced tonight , hungover tomorrow !

May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live. Irish Blessing

Kiss me I’m Irish, put a little tongue in it I’m french

When Irish eyes are smilin’, they’re usually up to no good! 😉

On St. Patrick’s Day I wish you luck,Pots of gold and lots of beer…in other words all the finer things in life! Happy St. Patrick’s Day

On the eighth day God created whiskey to keep the Irish from taking over the world…Happy St. Patricks Day!

~*~ When my Irish eyes are Smiling… It’s because I can See You on Facebook. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to You!! ~*~

People say Me Belly is Me Pot of Gold!! ~*~

Irish Women are the Best drinking buddies That Any Man Would want to Hangout with. <~*~>

I’m Irish and I know it

~*~ On St. Patrick’s Day, take Your Lasse by the hand. Give his a kiss. Let his know You’re his Man. ~*~

is not wearing green ’cause he WANTS to be pinched! 😉

May your joys Be deep and many, May your heart be light and glad, May you have the best St. Patrick’s Day That you have ever had

Knock knock Who’s there? Irish Irish who? Irish you a happy st.patty’s day!!

On St. Patrick’s day I feel OK being short.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! May you all have a bit o’ luck and happiness! Oh and don’t forget to kiss someone with luck! 😉

May your blessings out number the shamrocks that grow.

It’s March. I’m Irish.And I’m SOBER ~ What’s wrong with this picture?!?

is sick of all the Irish stereotypes! As soon as I finish this drink, I’m punching someone!

Irish today , Shitfaced tonight , hungover tomorrow !

Make sure your kilt is short enough to do a jig BUT long enough to hide your Lucky Charms!!

St. Paddy’s Day toast: Here’s to you and here’s to me, the best of friends we’ll ever be, if ever we should disagree then F@C& you and here’s to me!

Here’s hoping the wind at your back doesn’t come from the corn beef and cabbage you had for lunch. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Erin Go Bragh~As you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never point in the wrong direction. Happy St Patrick’s day!

Mar 13, 2013

How to Stop/Unsubscribe Facebook Email Notifications

As its default settings Facebook will always sending you all the notifications to your email (Yahoo mail, Gmail, etec), it’s same as the notifications you received on your Facebook account. In other means Facebook will always informs you double, first in your Facebook account,  and the socond Facebook will sending the notifications to your email inbox even if your not access your account. For a few reasons this is a good thing because you still can “watch” what is going on with your FB’s account without you need to touch them. But for many reasons this is horrible, especially if you’re kind of the famous person on Facebook, it’s because you’ll be flooded by email notifications everytime your friends give a comments on your status posts, or when someone messaging you to your Facebook’s inbox, or even birthday’s friends alert.

If you just like me, feel irritated and tired by those email notifications sent by Facebook to your email, then I’m sure you’re asking yourself by kind of these questions: “How to stop Facebook email notifications?” or “How to unsubscribe Facebook’s notifications send via email?”. Relax, because this post will help you to get out from that “garbage” in a simple way. Whether your email are Yahoo-mail, or Gmail, or Aol, etc the instruction is the same, the thing is that you can done it on your email, but on Facebook account themeselves, and here’s how it’s done!

How to stop Facebook Email Notifications for Yahoo-mail, Gmail, Aol, etc:

1. Make sure you have logged in to your Facebook account
2. From the right-corner of your Facebook homepage/profile, just simply click Settings icon > Account Settings

3. From the left menu tab just click “Notifications”

4. Then you’ll see all the notifications settings list, in this case you choos an email and click on “Edit”

5. Now to finish it, you tick “Only notifications about your account, security and privacy” and then click “Close” button.

6. Or you can directly visit the Facebook’s notifications settings by clicking it here, and go to edit the email notifications. That’s it.

After you’ve done it, Facebook will stop by sending all notifications to you via an email, unless the important email that related with your account, just like security of your Facebook’s account.

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