Hilarious Funny Tuesday Status Updates Facebook

Talking about Facebook status updates about Tuesday, in earlier post has posted Tuesday Statuses Updates, then these below are still has related Tuesday statuses ideas to post on Facebook wall. However find out more statuses ideas in here!

S.H.!.T = Sorry honey its Tuesday

Tuesdays are just Mondays in disguise.

Tuesday. That vicious little day that hides between the obscenity of Monday and the taunting hopes of Wednesday.

Tuesdays are just Mondays’ leftover CRAP!

Tuesday, it’s just Monday twice…

Tuesday: you’re better than Monday but you still svck

please, be Friday, please be Friday!!! Are you serious its only Tuesday??

Dear Tuesday: The only reason I like you better than Monday is because you’re closer to Friday so don’t be TOO proud of yourself…

Today is the first day of the last day of the rest of your life, or the last day of the first of..forget it, its Tuesday and nothing ever happens on Tuesday..

woke up this morning thinking ‘thank God it’s Friday’, only to realize it’s only TUESDAY. Bummer or what?!

Tuesday is nothing more than a cheap, wanna be Monday.

Tuesday down, Wednesday on deck, Thursday to load the bases and Friday to clean up!

Hey Tuesday !!/Take That!!! ┌П┐(◕‿◕) ┌П┐

Tuesday! You’re the sloppy seconds of Monday! Not really good for anything! What hole did you crawl out of? Tormenting me, with yet another week day!! Just go!!

Tuesday a.k.a. 2s day – the day you have to do twice as much to finish what didn’t get done on Monday 🙁 on you mark, get, set, GO!!!

Hello Tuesday, Please be kind to me. Monday was a rude jerk who should be slapped!

Welcome to “Ticked Off Tuesday”. Today’s special is b!tchy, sarcastic attitude, with a side order of I don’t give a d@mn. Enjoy! lol

Hello, Tuesday.~~~~~~ Be good to me.

All I can say about Tuesday… it better behave itself. If it starts acting like a Monday.. we are going to be fighting!

Tuesday…the worst day of the week…Monday you can celebrate to p!ss people off, Wednesday is hump day, Thursday is almost Friday and Friday is Friday

Dear Tuesday please be gentle with me I still have three days left to go!

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