Dec 27, 2012

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Happy New Year 2013 Status Facebook and Sayings

Almost imperceptibly the year of 2012 will soon be over then we’ll welcome 2013. Well, I’m excited and Happy new year 2013 everybody wherever you are live to celebrate this happiness, with family and friends full of light and love. Because a new year means a new life, new resolution, a new hopes, a new beginning, a new ride, new ideas, and many more. You might have passed many experiences in 2012 for the good and the bad, however no matter what they were, there’s always something to learned for you life that made you grew up, has brought you for today who you are now, be the person what you wanted, having the things you really wanted. Then here’s Facebook status updates ideas about Happy New Year 2013 and sayings to post on your Facebook wall to be shared with your friends and get comments from them.

this 2013 will be epic and I will love it

2013, You are going to be a year of discovery, both happy and sad, a year of forgiveness, a year of personal growth. You will be the best year yet!

2013 please be awesome.

Here’s hoping that everyone has a safe in the new year. Happy New Year’s as we celebrate 2013!

I may have… Disturbed you, troubled you, bugged you, and got on your nerves. So today i just want to say. Suck it up cupcake. There are no changes planned. Happy New Year 2013 all Facebook friends!

May all my family and friends have a very happy and safe New Year.Make It a Good One, Do At Least One Good Thing For Some One Else Everyday.

my new year’s resolution is something I can truly live up to…I am going to be naughtier than ever 😀

To the friends we have loved and lost Guide us from above. . . to those still among us we bless you with our love… May 2013 be happy & healthy for you! <3

It’s time to say good bye to 2012 and hello to 2013. Hope every one has a very happy New Year!

Stop re-reading the same chapters of your life…Turn the Page to see what comes next. Happy New Year 2013!

Here’s to new beginnings and happier times. Welcome 2013, plese be my YEAR! 🙂

Is real excited about this fresh new year start and the possibilities opening up~

Endings sometimes feel like the end of you, take them for what they really are, – the end of a stage in your life. Here is to new beginnings! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 Everyone

Go ahead; take a chance. Something wonderful could happen in 2013

New me, New start.. To those who don’t believe me Watch this space.. your in for a shock.

Good Riddance 2013, don’t let the BALL hit you in the @ss on the way out, see ya !!!

Just wants to say, Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013. Here’s to new possibilities!!! Safe journey to 2014 everyone!

well friends, as 2012 draws to a close don’t look back in anger, just punch the fool that p!ss3d you off smile and move forward. Make 2013 one to remember

2013: Another 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes 3,153,600 seconds of struggle, growth, progress & experience.

My wish in the 2013 is for the unemployed to find employment, families to be together and this next year to be better than the last for everyone.

It has been a great year for getting reconnected to old friends, and making some new friends along the way!! Thank you for making me part of your life!!

This year has given me so much good and some bad, but I’m thankful for every bit of it. I am who I am and have what I have because of it all. Thank U God.

goodbye 2012 and hello 2013 lets pray for a happy and healthy new year

welcome 2013, new year , leave 2012 in the past where it should be 🙂

A new start of a great beginning for the New Year 2013

You are a dreamer, and you are an achiever. May you dream and achieve bigger feats, with every passing year. All the best for the new year

I wish all my friends and family – new and old – a happy new year. Hope the new year brings you all good health and may god bless you all!

Thinks that 2013 is going to be the year when miracles happen, wishes are granted and dreams finally come true. 2013 is going to be my year

May this New Year find you content in your life,happy with who you are and wealthy with the love of friends and family. Happy New Year!

There have been many times in 2012, when I have annoyed you, disturbed you, irritated you, bugged you and I plan on doing the same in 2013


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