Google Maps Reveals a Mysterious Building In The Middle of China Desert

Recently Google Maps has revealed the existence of the strange structure and landscape mysterious building which located in the middle of China’s desert. In detail the landscape location is precisely located in the area of ​​Dunhuang, Jiuquan, Gansu, north Shule River, which crosses the Tibetan plateau, west of Desert Kumtag. The desert area has a length of about 1.600 m and a width of 915 m.

As you can see in photo above it shows white lines randomally forming an irregular rectangular area, which it seems was deliberately made to be seen clearly from Earth orbit. It is also seen around some buildings and other landscape looks strange and mysterious.

For further more in detail to see the location, You can see yourself by visiting the Google Maps and enter this coordinates: 40.452107,93.742118 or 40.458148,93.393145 or 40.458679,93.31314 or 44 42’40.81″N 93 31’46.18″E

You can visit the map’s location to direct yourself in Google maps

Until this post is published. it’s still unclear yet what’s kind of structures has designed by the China’s goverenment. However there’s a speculations has emerged; maybe it’s a new urban development, maybe a complex of military bases, maybe a nuclear test, maybe outer space observation, or maybe a building to communicate with aliens. No one knows!

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