Google Adsense Terms Privacy Policy Generator for Publishers

As an adsense publisher I didn’t noticed about the TOS (Term of Service) carefully that tells by Google I should put “Privacy Policy” on my Blog, until I found this link. But Thanks’s God finally I put and protect my Google Adsense from any “Double Click” that causes from Browser cookies or web beacons. If you’re don’t undertsand what I’m talking about go had to read this article until you finish it.

As Google have changed the Terms and Conditions of their Adsense program (Update: 23 March 2009), one of the requirements now is that all Adsense publishers should have a “Privacy Policy” on their websites. Below is the exact wording that has been added to the Terms and Conditions for Adsense publishers. it’s been says: If you don’t agree with the new term conditions , you’ll be banned of the Google Adsense program.

Check out what Google says about the term of condition:
“You must have and abide by an appropriate privacy policy that clearly discloses that third parties may be placing and reading cookies on your user’s browser, or using web beacons to collect information, in the course of ads being served on your website. Your privacy policy should also include information about user options for cookie management.”

So, If you’re new to hear this like me, and you want to avoid kicked by Google adsense you should include this “Privacy Policy” that puts on your Blog/website. to do that you can visit or if you don’t understand how to do that, you can use Google Adsense Generators provided by

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