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I love “F” for Friday!,, weekend..weekend started. Everyone getting very excited when friday comes, don’t you?. How could Not, there’s alot of fun things to do: Party, family, shopping, movies, hang out, drink, and one more thing you shouldn’t missed is update status update about friday lol :D..hehe, Speaking about friday I have another post statuses related with weekend friday that you can click here, or click here for friday jokes statuses or to find for more statuses click here.

Sugesstion: TGIF Statuses

Well here they are.. Enjoy them all!

It’s Friday ! Ahem … I said IT’S FRIDAY ! Okay perhaps you didn’t comprehend — HEY YOU PEOPLE, IT’S FINALLY FREAKING FRIIIDAAAAAAAAAAY !!! That is all.
~ Dear Week, You are not attractive and I am leaving you for Weekend.. I’d say it wasn’t you, and that it was me.. But yeah, it was you..
Time for the FRIDAY Butt Dance (_/_)(_l_)(_\_)(_l_)(_/_)(_l_)(_\_)(_l_)
Says, today’s good mood is brought to you by the letter F…as in Friday, Fun, Family, and Friends. ENJOY!
what a beautiful morning … the sun is shining, the birds are singing and TGIF 🙂
Put your hands in the ayer and wave ’em like you just don’t cayer. If you’re glad its Friday afternoon; let me hear ya say OH YEAYER!
Yaaaa it’s Friday… so lets be real nice today and avoid confrontation… then explode on everyone Monday morning.
Smile everyone!!! Its Friday. it just doesn’t get much better than that!!
Friday has Entered the Building! Everyone, BUTT DANCE!! (_/_)(_l_)(_\_)(_l_)(_/_)(_l_)(_\_) Bow Chica Bow Wow!
downing copious amounts of coffee, doing their happy dance and feeling Fridaylicious! Have a great one, my friends!
says…Oh my! Look at the time, it’s wine-o’clock! 😀
Helmet, baseball bat, padded gear, pepper spray, I’m ready for black Friday!
You know you are getting old when your urge to celebrate on Friday nights loses out to your urge to sleep…
Friday night… PARTY!!! Oh…wait… I’m broke, nevermind 🙁
Friday morning, mmm…Coffee! Friday night, mmmmmm…Margarita!
FINALLY FRIDAY!! It’s about friggin time. Now where is that fast-forward button to 5 pm?
If you’re thinking “TGIF” press the like button
oh what a beautiful morning…oh what a beautiful day, it’s the start of a wonderful Friday, and a cup of coffee is heading my way :))
doing the Friday Happy Dance and getting the butt cheeks ta flapp’n is just my way of WAVING bye to the week! Yeah I see you,ya wanna be flapp’n too!!
So happy to see Friday again…I really missed them this week! Really hoping them and their pals Saturday and Sunday can stick around for awhile this time!
Zippety doo dah Zippety yay, My oh my it’s a wonderful day! Plenty of Sunshine, headin’ my way. Zippety doo dah Zippety Yay! My oh my It’s FRI DAY!
Friday, I love you. I really do. I have never felt this way about any day of the week. Please don’t ever leave me. Wait, there’s Saturday. Saturday, I love you.
There is something sweet smelling in the air today. Oh yeah! IT’S THE SWEET SMELL OF FRIDAY!! WOO HOO!!
please, be Friday, please be Friday!!! Are you serious its only Tuesday??
FRIDAY … Whoop! Whoop!
loves the eff word… FRIDAY

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