Easy Way to Fixed Error 403 in Android Play Store

Today when I was going to download one of the app named “App2sd” in Android play store I found the error notice that says “could not be downloaded due to an error 403”. I thought it was an error of the network connection, but after I checked it out, the network connection was just fine. So, that I tried again to download, but that notice show again and again everytime I tried to download any apps in the Play Store and it always failed. Then I Googled it and found some tips about how to fixed error code 403 in Android Play store, but the error still the same until I found these easy ways out to resolve the 403 error code, then here’s something I can share with you:

1. The Proxy Settings
Fixed the proxy setting was the thing that resolved my issu about this 403 error that it’s worked and made Android Play Store back to normal again, so that I can download any apps in the Play Store. Just follow the easy steps:

– From the Menu, just click “Settings” –> “Wireless & Networks”

– Now just simply click “Mobile Networks” –>  “Access Point Names”

– Now if you have 2 SIM Cards in your Android Mobile, just choose the one that You used to Data Connection, and select “GPRS”, then you set up the “Proxy” to <Not Set>. Meanwhile if you’ve found there’s the proxy code, just remove and klik “OK” to be set up to <Not Set>.

2. Clear the Cache on the Play Store

-To do this, from the menu just simply click “Settings” –> “Apps”

– Now you find “Google Play Store” and then click on it, and then “Clear Cache”

– Now restart your Android, and then try to access the Play Store to download any apps you want.

If those ways doesn’t worked. Then you might be try another way out by adding or replacing with the new Google account, by simply navigate it from the “Menu” -> “Settings” -> “Acounts & Sync” -> “Add Account”

I’ve tested that tips and it’s worked in my Android mobile phone 2.3.6 Gingerbread version.

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  1. msb tab that i find in, while i’m going to use it and download from playstore i find some complications…..could u suggest me how could i get relief from this things?


  2. @NRZico: Please be specific what kind of issue you have that you complications with?


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