Clever Facebook status updates and more.

Clever or not, I think it’s not very important things. So, what is the most important thing? populer? money? very rich? or .. whatever!. The thing is you’re always update Facebook status and choose to be happy and rich…hehe :D, anyway Here are provide you the clever facebook status you can post on your wall. But, before you see them you might like another statuses: Funny statuses, Jokes statuses, weekend statuses, love statuses, and more.

life was a LOVE STORY but these things will CHANGE because i know YOUR NOT SORRY because BACK IN DECEMBER u said i would NEVER GROW UP now your on the OUTSIDE.
would like to remind you that amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic.
You can’t handle my undivided attention.
My heart is in the right place, I know, because I hid it there.
You can take me for who I am, Or you can leave me for who I am. You sure as hell ain’t taking me for who I’m not.
The next time you see me smiling at you for no apparent reason, you may want to reconsider approaching me, for chances are I am up to no good! Fair Warning!!!

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