Mar 30, 2011

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Top 30 awesome Facebook status updates

Talking about Facebook statuses it’s becoming more and more viral as they easily catch up by Facebook users, you can find the statuses ideas everywehere so easy, However if you’ve lost with them, then here’s I provide you an awesome Facebook status updates you can post them on your Facebook wall, Then if you think you  need more status updates ideas, you also can find more interesting statues in this blog with many topics, which you can click here, nor you can type keywords on “Search Box” in the right-top of navbar to start searching status updates you’re searching for. Well here they are, enjoy!

is lucky to have friends as awesome as mine!

Me without you is like a nerd without braces, A shoe without laces, ASentenceWithoutSpaces. Love is love, and it’s gonna stay that way forever.

I may not be the most popular person, the most beautiful person, or the most liked person, but why the hell should I care when Ive got the most awesome friends!

I Don’t try to be Awesome. Awesome tries to be me.

I have finally been diagnosed…I have a serious condition known as “Awesomeness”. Don’t worry though, it’s a very rare condition and it’s not contagious!

I’m not short…I’m condensed awesome!

“If your reading this, I think your awesome!”

There there, its ok. not everyone can be as awesome as me XD

<– Is my name! Isn’t it awesome!?!

is the coolest, funniest, awesomeness, sweetest, prettiest, princess you’ll ever meet!

I’m not tryin to impress you or anything but. . . I CAN RIDE MY BIKE WITHOUT STABILIZERS! :O

laugh me makes it well oh but life your of seconds 30 waste to going am i hello! NOW READ IT BACKWARDS !

you call me strong you call me weak but still your secrets i will keep, you took for granted all the times i never let you down. -3 Doors Down

I have some serious news guys: I found out I got an incurable disease. Don’t worry though, I figured out I had it all my life. It’s called Awesome.

I have my days, I’m moody, I have an attitude, I’m prissy, I’m lazy, I’m cute, I’m fun, I’m awesome, but most importantly, I’m me.

I’m not crazy… I’m freaking awesome.

forget what people think cuz’ its only a matter of time before their thoughts are changed or faded and forgotten. . . so live laugh love and be happy!

I am epic win.

You know what makes me so freaking awesome?? I can trip over nothing!

By now you have probably heard… i have to admit its true, i AM awesome

I, my friend, am a pickle. i think you wish you were as awesome as my amazing pickleness

People wonder where I’m going in life , but don’t follow me to find out because i run into things. LOL

I have a black belt in awesomeness

I’m awesome!! End of story

In my own little world, I’m the most awesome personw EVER!! but in the real world I’m just awesome

May be oneday, if you are lucky, you’ll be awesome as I am ๐Ÿ™‚

Is so awesome, Chuck Norris wears a shirt with my face on it.

Time for your daily reminder,..I’m awesome.. that’s all. You may now continue with the rest of your day. ๐Ÿ™‚

has an important ANNOUNCEMENT to make…I AM AWESOME.. that’s all. You may now go back to your regulary Facebooking. ๐Ÿ™‚

PDA: Public Display of Awesome. PDA is a regular thing for me.


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Jul 11, 2011

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PhotoMania Photos, Create your own Cool Effects with PhotoMania | Facebook App

Create your Facebook photos effect with the cool Facebook app named PhotoMania. This app is awesome cool which letting you to make your photos looks beautiful, and artistic. Once this app have installed to your Facebook account, this app will do the job automatically to design your Facebook photos as cool as you have photoshop expert create it your own. Check out some of example below created by PhotoMania app.

Suggestion: – Online cool Photo Effect editor

(Multiple shadows Effect)
(Box space effect)
(Hearts Effect with Cloud)
(Town MegaPic effect)

Create your own Cool Effects with PhotoMania, by copying and paste this url address:


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Nov 1, 2011

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Status Updates about God for Facebook

These below are status updates ideas related with God, spirits, religions. Meanwhile in earlier post I have posted status updates about prayers you may want to check. Then don’t forget to find out more interesting status updates ideas with a lot of topics in this blog where you can click here, enjoy!

Sometimes God calms the storm, and sometimes he lets the storm rage and calms his child.

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, & thank him for all he has done.

Life’s greatest treasure is not gold, jewels or works of art. It can’t be held in your hands – God is held within your heart and will ALWAYS be there for you!

I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but I know who holds tomorrow.

Be grateful if God answers your prayer. But, be more grateful when God makes you the answer to someone else’s prayer.

impossible isn’t a word its just a reason for someone to not try!:) so never say nothing is impossible because everything is possible with God on your side:)

Don’t be afraid to put your dreams in action. Realize that God protects you from any harm and if you put your mind to it you can do ANYTHING.

My life is full… God, Faith, Love, Happiness, Laughter, Family and Friendship! Simply put…I’m Blessed! ;~))

When you are having a bad day, and have alot to complain about.. Please keep in mind Jesus’ last day.

Thank you, God for everything. The big things and the small, For “every good gift comes from God”, The Giver of them all.

Still you hear me when I’m calling,
Lord you catch me when I’m falling,
And you told me who I am.
I am yours.

No child is ever unplanned, an accident, or a mistake. God had a plan for us and knew exactly when we needed to have angels in our lives to be complete.

Being a Christian may not always be an easy job, may not always pay well, but the retirement plan is out of this world.

Dear God, I thank You for today. I pray that You will shine Your light on me, guide my feet & carry my through, so that I may keep shining on for You. Amen. <3

~Being at peace with yourself is a direct result of finding peace with God.~

Before you were born I dreamed of you, I imagined you, I prayed for you. Now that you’re here I hope for you, I love you, I thank God for you.

Usually we look everywhere else before we look to the Lord. Lets look to God before we look anywhere else. We will find what we need. Try and see.

When you forgive…you heal. When you let go…you grow. When you cry out to God…you surrender. When you love unconditionally…you show others Christ’s love.

Never ever give up on life no matter what gets you down just remember to look up god is there for you

Each day we live is a gift so thank God in the morning for another day of life and thank God in the evening for getting you through the day. <3

GOD gives in 3 ways; he says YES n gives u whatever u want, he says No n gives u something better, or he says WAIT n gives u the best!! Have faith!!

Never let anyone determine your destiny. You are what God has created you to be! is not believing God can, faith is KNOWING God WILL!

God gives answers in 3 ways; he says YES and gives you what you want. he says NO and gives you something better. he says WAIT and gives you the BEST.


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Oct 28, 2011

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How to block/disable Facebook ads and all web pages for Chrome (Extention)

These days Facebook still the most popular social network used by hundreds of millions of people in this world. As it is used by millions of people, so many companies / individuals who advertise their products on Facebook and you see the ads that appear on the right sidebar of your Facebook page profile. However maybe some of you hate the appearance the ads on Facebook, so you think to disable all ads. While in earlier post I have published how to disable Facebook Live Ticker that many users hates too.

(Click on image to enlarge)

If you really want to disable, block, remove the advertisements of Facebook, Youtube, even all the web pages. Then with using the most popular with over 2 million users Chrome extension named AdBlock you can now to block all over the web advertisements on all web pages, even Facebook and Youtube.

All you need to do just click “Add to Chrome” and click install, then you wait a few seconds the installing process, and bing bang you’ll see the das dissappear from your facebook, Youtube, and all the wep pages.

Now you’ll see your Facebook page clean from any ads, sponsor, advertisments.

(Click on image to enlarge)


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Oct 29, 2011

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How to Protect and Prevent Picture Image from Copying or Downloading

I’m sure most of you would be unhappy if you found your original image/photo/picture that you have uploaded to your blog stolen/copied by someone and uploaded to their own blog page as like it’s their own. You might be angry and sad to that person, but you can’t do nothing to take your own picture from them.

Well, if you don’t want someone steal your image(s) from your blog from any copying or downloading, you can now prevent and protect your own image(s), because there’s a trick for you to prevent your image from any copying, downloading even to linking. For the example you can use the following image and โ€œSave Image Asโ€ to your computer hardisk.

When you do right-click on the image above you still enable and succeed to saved them in your computer hardisk but the image you have saved is blank, you can’t even open it and see it as the original image as above.

Anyway, if you want to do that and apply on your blog then here’s the trick. All you need to do just to change the src attribute on HTMl embed code:

The original embed code for an image looks something like this:

<img src=”http://yourPhoto.jpg” width=”450″ height=”680″>

Then to apply this trick you add the code on src attribute looks something like this, but you have to be sure the width and height of the image same as the original one:

<img style=”background-image:url(http://yourPhoto.jpg);”
width=”450″ height=”680″>

Now You should able to found that with this method now you can prevent your image(s) from any illegal copying and downloading. Enjoy!


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MY ANGRY BIRDS Photos App Facebook

My Angry Birds Photos – Games Angry Birds has been a very popular gams thesedays, this game has download and played by a millions users from all of the world. This is interesting game which players use a slingshot to launch birds at pigs stationed on or within various structures, with the intent of destroying all the pigs on the playfield. Well, if you want to know which of your Facebook’s friends who’s role play of the Angry Birds games, then Facebook app named My Angry Birds photos allowing you to find them. This app is just for fun to share with your friends on Facebook. You can choose your friends or you can randomly. You can see the screenshot below how it looks like:

Choose your friends for each of the birds/frogs.. Let them know which character they take up in your angry birds, and create yours at

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Luminate is currently experiencing technical difficulties FAQ

If you are a Blogger or website owner who an ads publisher of Luminate, you’ll find an issue Image-overlay advertisements no longer showing up on your site. Yes, its because Luminate is currently having technical difficulties. For those who are have a questions about what’s really happened with Luminate. Then here’s the answer given by Luminate itself about this currently technical diffciulties:

Luminate is currently experiencing technical difficulties

If you currently have overlay text ads enabled on your images, you will notice that overlay text ads are no longer appearing on your images.

We are doing everything we can to remedy the issue as quickly as possible and we will let you know when the issue has been resolved.

Why are Image-overlay advertisements no longer showing up on my site?
Last Updated: Oct 18, 2011 05:18PM PDT

Luminate is currently experiencing technical difficulties with our image overlay ad product. If you currently have overlay text ads enabled on your images, you will notice that overlay text ads are no longer appearing on your images. We are doing everything we can to remedy the issue as quickly as possible and we will let you know when the issue has been resolved. To answer your questions regarding this technical issue, we’ve compiled some FAQs to answer any inquiries users may have:

Will I still be paid on time?

Yes, you will continue to be paid for any revenue that you earned from image overlay ads. The Estimated Revenue that you see in our publisher interface will continue to be accurately reported and you will receive payment on a Net30 basis.

When will Luminate image overlay ads be restored on my site?

We are doing everything we can to remedy the issue as quickly as possible and we will let you know when the issue has been resolved.

Will this effect my other image applications that are enabled (e.g. Product-in-Picture, Social Sharing, etc.)?

No, all other Luminate applications will not be affected and will continue to provide interactive content for your users without a problem.

Will this issue temporarily effect all of my websites?

This issue will effect all websites that have image overlay ads enabled. If you have websites that do not utilize Luminate overlay ads, they will not be affected.

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Sick status updates for Facebook

What does it mean to be healthy? you may think that being healthy means that you are not sick, but being healthy is far more than that. If you feel okay, or average, or nothing much at all, you are not healthy. Do you agree? anyway, at the first time, I didn’t mean to make this post. But if you in need to update sick status, then here I provide for you. However if you need more interesting status updates, you can click here!

If you are really get ill-sick now, I’m sending my prayers for your healthy and get better soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Giving away the following, Stuffy head, runny nose, chest congestion, and non stop coughing and sneezing. Its free for the taking. Let me know..

FREE TO GOOD HOME – Runny nose, Stuffy head, Headache, Cough, Sore Throat. Comes with a grumpy attitude and a smart mouth. Available for pick up right away!!

has a “woman cold”, it’s like a “man cold”, but somehow I can manage to cook, clean and take care of myself.

Mr. Cough? Meet Ms. Runny Nose. Now you two run along and play somewhere else because my body has had enough!

I have a stalker named Head Ache.I hardly noticed their skulking this morning,& now I can’t get them out of my head! I think they’s progressing to migraine status ๐Ÿ™

I’m sick.. again! i think my immune system is on strike. ):

…is sick and feels like they just got run over by a semi truck. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

whoever sneezed or coughed or whatever around me, i hate u!

Blahhhhhhhh! Just Blahhhh. That’s the kind of day I’ve had.

Today’s forecast: Sick with a chance of fevers, stuffy & runny nose, congestion, headaches and body chills.

Would like to thank the germ carrier of this cold for spreading the love all over me!

wants some of “The nigh time sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, how the f*ck did I get on the kitchen table… medicine”

So sick…can’t smell, taste, breathe or hear! One the up side, I can see and type, so that I can be on Facebook, so I should survive. =)

According to Web MD, my symptoms mean I’m dead…and was cremated.

Laughing so hard you pee yourself is one thing. Coughing so hard you pee yourself is another thing entirely.

feels like death has chewed me up, spit me out, stomped on me, ran me over with a freight train, and is back for round two. ๐Ÿ™

Day 3 of my vacation in sicksville and my flight back to feeling better keeps getting canceled. Who is in charge around here, we need to talk.

Feeling crappy. Throbbing headache, sniffles, sneezes. All I want is to curl in my bed & be comfy.

wants to know what kills that .1% germ that Lysol doesn’t kill, cause apparently it’s not going away anytime soon ๐Ÿ™

**WARNING** I am sick, cranky, and tired.. so don’t piss on my parade or I will be forced to take action.

Sooo sick.. If I mean anything to you, drop what you’re doing and come baby me. ๐Ÿ™

My throat feels like I swallowed a hill of fire ants ๐Ÿ™

is Out of Order due to nausea, gruesome migraines, blurred vision, dry heaves, tired to hell, extreme muscle pains. Estimated repair time: Unknown!

…is sick with a stuffy head, sore throat, & sneezing. Therefore, you have been warned that I may bite. Just saying…

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40 Marriage Funny Status Updates for Facebook and Tweets

These below are Facebook status updates about funny marriage, jokes marry, humors marriage to post on your Facebook’s wall or used for Tweets. However find out more statuses ideas in this blog with many topics which you can click here, enjoy!

Marriage = Betting someone half your sh*t that you’ll love them forever

sez,I asked my husband: “What do you like most, my pretty face or my s*xy body?” My husband looked me up & down and said, “I like your sense of humor!”

To men who say “Why buy the cow when you get milk for free?” 80% of women won’t marry you because “It’s not worth buying the PIG to get a little sausage”

can’t seem to figure out why I’m insane… then I remembered… I am married… case closed ๐Ÿ˜‰

Marriage is the most loving form of a battle to the death.

Definition of spouse: The person who’ll stand by you through all the trouble you wouldn’t have had if you’d have just stayed single.

Don’t flatter yourself, I sent a friend request not a marriage proposal

Why doesn’t a marriage license expire like all other licenses, with the option to re-new?!

why do husbands hold wives’ hand in malls?
– It looks ROMANTIC but actually it’s ECONOMICS.

Behind every man is a smart woman rolling his eyes. It’s more lady like to do that than to flip them off!

Psychiatrists say girls tend to marry men like their fathers. That is probably the reason mothers cry at weddings.

Husband ask: What you doing’ today. Wife says: Nothing. Husband says: But you did that yesterday. Wife says: I wasn’t finished.

thinks it’s funny when her husband takes out the garbage and then acts like he just cleaned the whole house.

The 3 rings in life: 1st the engagement ring, 2nd the wedding ring 3rd, the suffering

Man: You look like my 3rd wife. Girl: How many times have you been married? Man: Two ๐Ÿ˜‰

marriage is like a deck of cards, in the beginning all you need is 2 hearts and a diamond, 10 years later you’ll want a club and a spade

Two words of advice for a successful, long-term marriage, – “YES, DEAR”.

My husband brings out the mental issues in me.

Remember the 3 stages of marriage 1) s*x anywhere 2) s*x only in the bedroom 3) passing each other giving the finger and saying F@*& YOU

<– Is NOT marriage material. 1 marriage + 1 divorce = 2 smart to do that again

We have been through the better or worse; the sickness & health, and for poorer times, my question is when will the “for richer” part happen?? ha ha.

Always remember this important rule to a happy marriage: GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO LISTEN TO THEIR WIVES!! Click “Like” if you Agree!

Heck with Romeo and Juliet… I’ll be Jenny and you be Forest Gump! <3

Wives should never give their husband the silent treatment, husbands usually think of it as a reward…

Marriage is supposed to be forever. That way when your parts start to sag, you’re still with the person who remembers where the parts used to be!

They say when a man holds a woman’s hand before marriage, it is love. after marriage, it is self-defense.

What do you say when your husband says “I am going to make you the happiest woman in the world”? You reply “I’m going to miss you” ๐Ÿ™‚

If a man is in the woods and says something and a woman isn’t around to hear, is the man still wrong?

A quiet man, is a thinking man. A quiet woman is more than likely mad

Man sitting at home on the porch with his wife and he says “I love you.” She says” Is that you or the beer talking?” He says it’s me talking to the beer.

TOP STORY – Sleep Deprived Wife Smothers Snoring Spouse With Pillow – details at 11:00.

the person who really loves me sees what a mess I can be, how moody I can get, how hard I am to handle and still wants to marry me, now that is priceless

It would be so much more cost effective if Marriage Certificates came with an expiration date, a guarantee or a warranty.

My name is Mom, Mommy, Mother, Hun, sweetie, Ole lady, and a few other chosen names. NO WONDER most Mom’s have split personalities.

If you get married 3 times and your in-laws don’t change, ya might be a Redneck!!!

Always thought of having 3 children but decided two kids and a husband is clearly enough!

My husband thinks Iโ€™m crazy. But Iโ€™m not the one who married me.

Isn’t it funny that marriage and insanity both involve commitment and white clothing?

1st year of marriage I love you you love me we r a happy family. 10th year. Get the F*** out of my house

Arguing with your wife is like trying to blow out a light bulb…

Always remember the man is the ‘head’ of the household; the woman however is the ‘neck’ and the neck can move the head any way it wants!

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Status Updates on The Beach to post on Facebook

Here’s Facebook status updates ideas when you’re on the beach, or when you’re imagining wishing on the beach at the moment to post on Facebook wall. However click here to find out more interesting statuses ideas with a lot of topics.

Life is a beach and I’m playing in the sand and living life.

I’m off to the beach to clear my head and let everything go…

Is wondering who was the first person to eat an oyster. I mean who would go out on the beach, break a rock open, and eat the snot that’s on the inside.

wishes I was laying on a beach with a pina colada right about now.

i only wish”i was sitting on the sand at the beach, listening to the ocean waves crash

says, “there’s no place like the beach, there’s no place like the beach, there”s no place like the beach.”

I want to…feel the sun on my skin, sand in-between my toes, the wind blowing my hair, be under the palm trees, & listen to the ocean. I want to be in Hawaii.!

Lord where is the beach and a lounge chair when you need one!

Wishing I was at the beach. I want to walk along the water and feel the wet sand under my feet as the ocean breeze hits my face. I love everything about it.

is currently on an island, soaking up the sun, listening to the waves, sipping a frozen fruity drink, & being fanned by a cabana boy named Rob! Leave a message!

My favorite place, on the beach with my feet in the sand & a drink in my hand. ๐Ÿ™‚

is on vacation, body is here, but brain is on a tropical beach with a margarita fountain and cabana boys

there is nothing like laying on the beach, with the sound of the water hitting the shore. the sun shining down on your skin. the peace and quiet of the wind.

is off to a place where I’m ALWAYS skinny & NEVER run out of money, and I am sitting on a private beach and sipping cocktails .. anyone want to join me?

Just laying here on the beach and…WHOA!! SH*T…I just fell out of bed again!

“At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun.” -Unknown

cant wait to be beach bound ๐Ÿ™‚

Is willing to join a cult that is located on a tropical paradise with No actual agenda and an endless supply of Vodka!!!

wishes he was on the beach in one of those Corona beer commercials.

It’s not sunburn! Its a vitamin D overdose~

On the beach is where I want to be!

I need a beach, warm sun, palm trees, sand between my toes, ocean waves lapping the shore, salty sea air, and lets not forget the drink

I have always loved the beach. The smell of the salty water, the wind in my face, the gentle roar of the waves all combine to create a sense of peace and calm.

…Wishes he was at the beach with his toes in the water and his @ss in the sand with no worries and a cold beer in his hand

is going to have a threesome this weekend..Me ..Beach..Beer.

The waves inspire me… not because they raise high, but because they leap up again after falling.

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