Between Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates Similar Facts

“TIME’ has mentioned that co-founder of facebook Mark Zuckerberg was man of the year 2010, almost everyone in the IT’s world know him as well and Bill Gates (if you don’t know at least B. Gates then maybe you should look for some professional health assistance). They both are almost have something similar in comman, especially in the IT.

They’re both even Harvarrd Dropout

Here is a list of several similarities between Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.

Both are very proficient software programmer.
Both are billionaires.
Both founded the company at the very young age of 20+.
Both build fortune through the computer world. Gates built a new platform (DOS and Windows) and Zuckerberg are creating one now.
Both have stolen ideas for software applications or developments from others.
Zuckerberg and Gates are left out from Harvard University.
Zuckerberg and Gates are nerd.
Both are not really handsome.
Zuckerberg and Gates have been facing copyright issues and legal disputes.
The applications or software they built changed the IT world.
They are both identified as jerks in respect to their social life.
Both paid large sums of money to end lawsuits.
These individuals are of the type “love ‘em or hate ‘em”.
The two of them are quite intelligent and finished school with honors.
Both skipped classes at the university to work on their personal projects and later, to catch up with the rest of their classmates, had to do some ‘intensive burst study’ sessions.
Zuckerberg and Gates are famous amongst public opinion for being egoists, ruthless, opportunists, thiefs and devious. Also are suspect of using shrewdly predatory and unethical tactics against their counterparts.
Both get idea and drive by the opposite sex. Zuckerberg created the initial Facebook application to get laid with woman. Bill delivered himself a MAC application to hook up with a woman and at high school created a program to schedule students in classes, after that he modified the code so that he was placed in classes with mostly female students. Probably there is some true in “everything men do is to hook up woman”. Hahaha!
Both were very lucky at their business. A certain number of circumstances played to their favor.
Both come from upper-middle class families.
Microsoft invested 240 million of dollars on Facebook, making Zuckerberg and Gates business partners.
Both of them wrote their first computer programs while attending high school.
The two of them scored an almost perfect score on the SAT.
If you find more things in common between those two people, you can drop me a comment below.

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