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40 Status Updates for Boyfriend, Girlfriend | Facebook Love statuses

Posted on April 2, 2020 Posted by Caleb Gomez

40 Status Updates for Boyfriend, Girlfriend | Facebook Love statuses

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Baby, my heart is no longer mine…It’s yours and it will be yours until the day it stops beating 🙂

says i wish i found you sooner rather than later 🙂 because every minute I’m with you makes me proud to call you mine (L)

We may fight and disagree at times but what would love be without a little imperfection.Threw everything we stay strong <3 i love you always and forever <3

seeing your text or hearing your voice is ok but i just really want to be with you instead

I must be the luckiest girl EVER cause I have the most AMEZING boyfriend EVER!

smiles at her phone randomly when she wakes up to a cute text . <3

When with you, I can be myself! I can smile a true smile, I can laugh a true laugh. Oh and…I love how I fit in your arms PERFECTLY!

A world without you is like a rainbow without colors. <3

My favorite place to be is where your holding me(: <3

u have my HEART,my TRUST, ur in my HEAD, in my DREAMS, I LUV YA SO MUCH ITS UNBELIEVABLE babe ur my one and only !!!

There are days when you really piss me off but at the end of the day i realized that no matter what you do I still LOVE you <3

*If I saw a shooting star, I wouldn’t make a wish, because I already have you & baby you’re a wish come true!* <3

You didn’t have to steal my heart, I would’ve given it to you for free. <3

When you hold my hand, I feel warm inside,when we hug, I don’t wanna let go,when we’re together, I never want it to end.

i know that there’s always better guys. there’s those other guys who are cuter smarter, and sweeter . but guess what .?! i fell in love with you, not them! <3

I love you more than all the grains of sand, drops of water, and stars in the sky combined! You are my everything, and In my heart you’ll stay forever! <3

life may suck at times but then i see your face and look into your eyes and suddenly i realize that everything is going to work out just fine! i love you baby!

<====== This girl right here has an amazingly sweet, nice, kind, caring, loving, adorably weird and a major cutie for her boyfriend!

I’m glad i have a boyfriend who knows how to make me feel better even when I’m having the worst day ever!

“You are the reason my day is great. The reason why i smile. Why I laugh. You are my world. I love you.. with my Heart, Soul, and Mind.”

You love me for me no matter what my mood and no matter what I look like. I love you with all my heart.

I Love My Boyfriend!! Just Wanna Let u Know your being missed right now!! <3

i love it when we i get up and look at my phone and it says “i love you babe” <3

I Have fully come to terms with the fact that Fairy Tales don’t exist but when i am with you, it sure feels like they do 😀

I fall in love with you a little more each day. Through good and bad, I will always stand by you.

i love you because your the type of guy that would laugh when i fall, help me up, and when I’m just about to cry whisper in my ear its OK baby I’ve got u. <3

Loved you once,Love you still, All ways have! all ways will lt;3

There’s one thing I want my boyfriend to change about me…My last name <3

I kinda think I’m totally absolutely 100% in love with you right now! <3

I love how the simple things you do make me feel loved 🙂

i don’t know why but everyday i like you even more

three facts of life: boys will always be stupid, chocolate can fix any problem and your friends are the most important thing in your life<3

Loves it when the ex tells you, you will never find anyone just like me again, and you look them in the eye and say GOD I HOPE NOT!

my boyfriend has the best girlfriend ever 🙂

I’ve seen you at your worst- and I still think you’re the best.

A good guy always has time for his girl. No matter what, even if he’s busy, he’ll find a way to make time for her. <3

is in love with the most beautiful, cutest, s*xy, sweetest man of the world.

my boyfriend is the luckiest man alive. he has me! <3

Some people need shiny cars, big houses, or lots of money to be happy but all I need is you!! You make my day amazing even if it’s the worst day ever!!

Love you 2day + Love you 2morrow = Love you 4ever <3

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