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35 Hangover Status Updates for Facebook and Tweets

The weekend comes and everyone get ready to hangovers just to relax after been worked busy for a week to find a have fun. Anyway, in earlier post we have posted status updates about drinking, and now it’s related with We’re provide you status updates ideas about hanging over that you may want to post on your Facebook wall set up as your status or you can use them as your tweets. However find out more interesting status updates in this blog with many topics which you can click here, or you just can simply type your keywords on “Search Box” section on the rigt-top of the page, enjoy!

Hangovers heighten your senses. I can hear people blinking their eyes this morning.

Is scheduling a hangover for tomorrow.

If you wake up with a bad headache, 2 things are probably true: You’re gonna have a bad day and you just had an AWESOME night!

‘s hangover today is brought to you by the letters T-E-Q-U-I-L-A

says there should be a day between Saturday and Sunday and it should be called Feel-Like-Sh*terday and it should be illegal to do anything productive

Hangover in progress … please do not disturb!

I don’t remember much from last night but the fact that I needed sunglasses to open the fridge this morning tells me it was awesome

has came to the conclusion that its not the drink that causes hangovers..its the sleep! cos i felt great before i went to sleep!

woke up this morn & my body ached, my head was pounden like a hammer and my clothes where all over the house, it must have been a great night!

‘s hangover brought to you today courtesy of V-O-D-K-A!

Thanks liver… you are a champ!

drank triple…saw double …but stayed single…

NAP…brought to you by “2muchboozelastnight*

Somebody slipped a hangover in my drink last night

has one of those super-hangovers, you know – the sort where you feel like you’re scared you’re going to die but at the same time you’re scared that you won’t.

Oh, good morning hangover. I’ve been expecting you.

A hangover is just a painful reminder that you had fun last night.

knows I should give up drinking but I’m not a quitter!

…I’ve been told I’ve got A.D.H.D!! (Alcohol Drinking and Hangover Disorder!!)

Are hangovers worth it? A hangover lasts a day, but our drunken memories last a lifetime. So yes, it’s totally worth it.

“I wasn’t THAT drunk last night.” “Dude, u went into my closet yelling ‘Where the f*ck is Narnia?!'”

Quote for ALCOHOLICS, “a big hangover lasts only a day,,, But our funny,happy,sad,truthful,embarrassing drunken memories will lasts forever!!!

What’s a hangover? – a reminder that you had a bloody good night last night 😉

TEQUILA: Deleting memories since 1762.

I didn’t realise how drunk I was until went to wipe something off my cheek and realised it was the floor.

I don’t understand what this hangover wants from me I’ve fed watered and bathed it and it still won’t f*ck off..

says it’s not a hangover! It’s wine flu!

didn’t get drunk. he just got over-served and that’s not his fault!!!

Alcohol never respects me in the morning…

Got drunk last night, but have no fear! I took a bus home. I arrived home safe and warm, which seemed really surprising since I had never driven a bus before.

Hangovers: God’s way of asking you, “Just how old do you think you are?”

I would bitch about being this hungover, but honestly I’m just happy to be alive after this weekend!!

is now friends with HEADACHE and DEHYDRATION.

Yup… I definitely caught something… mouth tastes like crap, headache, burning stomach, double vision. must be the new Beer Flu.

We don’t remember anything from last night…REMEMBER ?

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