30 crazy Facebook status updates

How “crazy” you are? You know what I meant, right? being crazy it means being unique, and being unique means being a golden. Why? it’s because no body like you, that’s what made you feel so special as a person, so keep it up for being yourself. Anyway talking about crazy or craziness, here I provide you that I called craziest statuses (crazy status facebook ideas)that gonna drop comments friends, I hope so :D. That’s not the one, I also provide you another statuses with different topics you might be like them: funny, hilarious, love, clever, weekend, jokes, monday, tuesday, awesome or click here to find more interesting statuses ideas with many topics.

Here they are, crazy facebook status messages
If I had a dollar for every time I was told I’m crazy, I’d be pretty darn rich!
You know you are crazy when the voices in your head start sending you text messages
when ever I hear the saying ” Any thing is possible ” I say : ” Have you ever tried nailing Jell-O to a tree, slam a revolving door or chew air?Yea that’s right
I’m not crazy, I’m just special. 😀
tried being normal. Didn’t like the feeling, so I’m going back to being ME.
energize bunny arrested!!! charged with battery!!
Have you ever started laughing for no reason, then started laughing even harder because you were laughing for no reason? I Love those moments.
I’m not crazy, my therapist, psychiatrist, and pharmacist all say I’m just really really unique!
is random, crazy and nuts but thats how i roll 😉
if there is 17 fish in a tank and 12 drown…how many fish survive???
is a little crazy and a little cute…so it balances out nicely
Today i jumped into a rabbit hole and tried to get to Wonderland and ended up… In a rabbit hole, how does Alice do it?
Why is it every time I get an Idea, everybody says-oh no.. ? 😀
I’m not crazy. I asked the voices in my head & my imaginary friends and we all agree I’m sane 🙂
everyone has a devil inside them, i just let mine out more often than everyone else :))
sicentsit ysa htat even wehn soem wrods rae mxied up uyo nca sitll raed htem is this true ?
people who don’t know me THINK that I am CRAZY, people who KNOW me KNOW that I am CRAZY!
loves driving down the road and just waving at random people like you know them!:D
do you ever, EVER have the feeling that you’re being watched…by a ninja monkey wearing a tuxedo??? HAVE YOU?!? cause…IT’S REALLY FREAKING ME OUT!!!
Sometimes I look back on my past, and say, “Wow, was I always this nuts??”
I jumped on a snowman at the dinner table because the voices told me to.
play along : you see me in the cop car, what did i get arrested for? comment below then set as and see how many crazy, weird, funny and cooky comments you get
I DID NOT LOSE MY MIND! I simply donated it to charity.
They needed it more than me anyway…
drives it like they stole it and parks it like they’s abandoning it!
Not sure if I want to be me, myself or I, today…
‘s voices in their head are giving their the silent treatment because they yelled at them to quit interrupting
there’s nothing to fear, but fear itself…and spiders, cuz damn, they’re scary!
Crazy? I was crazy once. They locked me in my house. There were allot of spiders. spiders? I hate spiders. They drive me crazy. Crazy? I was crazy once.
I went to go see the doctor today. They gave me this jacket that made me feel really special because it made me hug myself!
My colorful zebra is now a flying magical ninja…yeah your jealous

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