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You had a bad day? you’re feel out of luck today? or you having a bad mood? no worry, you’re not the only one who got this feelings. There’s millions of people who got the same thing with you now they’re even got the worse or the baddest ever. But don’t give up! the bad days nothing but to make you stronger and to build youself to become on top. Anyway, here I provide you the baddest statuses you can post them on your wall that might to release your anger or your bad mood or your frustation that hopes it’ll helps you and makes you feel better. Anyway, if you’re looking for more interesting statuses, you can find out with click here.

< === see that . . . what the arrows pointing at . . that’s a bad motherfucker!

I am the baddest, coolest, meanest, but honest princess you’ll ever meet
“Damn ur truck leaks alot of oil” i say, naw its just sweatin horsepower
I’m so bad, if I’m in a fight with a bear, you better jump in and help the bear.
If you will not say something in person or back up words with actions, it would be wise to keep it to yourself. Otherwise it just makes one appear to be fake.
Needs to be at the Wrong place at the Wrong time with the RIGHT Person!!!
DAMN I’m GOOD! Hell, sometimes I even impress myself!!
Screw the knight in shining armour, I want a bad boy with tattoos, and a jacked up muddy Ford!!
it sucks when your brain knows logic but your heart disagrees.
why is it that good girls like bad boys
forget the goody, smart pretty boys.. I want a bad boy that can take me for a ride, keep me on my toes and knows how to have fun.
forget Prince Charming and that bad boy down the street. Gimme a country boy with a farmer’s tan and I”ll be just fine. :]
You get no appreciation when you are nice, but people notice when you become bad.
Today’s forecast: pain w/ partially clouded vision and little nausea…the last few days have been bad and tomorrow ain’t looking any better…
You think what comes out of my MOUTH is mean? Then you DON’T wanna know what i keep in my HEAD! Trust me, Your feelings would REALLY be hurt if you did.
I may be bad, but I’m good at it! And I have absolutely no intention of behaving myself!!!
says Without bad days, we wouldn’t have good days….at least that’s what I keep repeating in my head to try and justify today!
; never lie to a girl, they always find out.
Bad monkey,no banana.
I’m trying to be good, but it’s so hard once I get bored!
For those that think no one knows what you have done, God knows and what comes around will go around sooner or later the truth will come out .
I’m telling you… I may be bad, but I’m perfectly good at it! I’m just saying 😛
Am I the only person that drives threw the puddle just to splash dirty water on people?
If today had a face I would stab it in it’s eye.
Be warned I am in such a foul mood today that even Satan is quaking in their boots!! The next person to piss me off better come prepared with a body bag!!
You know it’s a bad day when your favorite feel good song doesn’t even put you in a better mood.
is Lucky at having Bad Luck!!!
woke up this morning in a bad mood, only to open the curtains to blue skies and sunshine and felt like God was saying ‘Go on, smile, you know you want to!’
today’s bad mood is brought you by the letters “F” and “U” and the number “0” and is proudly sponsored by my ex-husband!
Dear Headache, Tylenol is going to serve you with the divorce papers from my head and a restraining order. You can have half of everything, just GET OUT!!!

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