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1 One-Direction Status Updates for Facebook

I know you guys gonna loves this one, I’m sure the reason you’re landing on this page it’s because your a Directioner, aren’t you? I know you’re very excited about how much you love the one-direction boy bands, you might be screaming when you look at them, singing all their songs, and be happy with it. Everytime Facecook asks you with the question “What’s on Your mind?”, you’ll probably gonna say “1direction”, “One-Direction”, nothing else but them all. Well, for those who are really a BIG fans of One-Direction then here are the idea of Facebook statuses collection about One-Direction to post on your wall. Show to all of your Facebook’s friends that you are the loyal Directioner, and you’re not a Bieber’s Fever ..Lol :D,

30 Statuses about One-Diretion Boy Bands

I LOVE ONE DIRECTION they are so cute I LOVE THEIR songs and I love them so cute I am a DIRECTIONER and I am proud of it.

I think I have this disease called One Direction Infection…and there’s no cure ;D

My mom calls it crazy I call it being a directioner 🙂

I love One Direction, so what?? Got a problem?? COME AT ME BRO

Directionator: i hate one direction, and directioners!! Me: *grabs knife walks out door* BYE MOM 🙂

1 irish+4 british=One Direction

Your my one to my direction. Your my Harry, I’m your Louis. We’re best friends!

Friend: oh look a pigeon! Me: (runs after pigeon) KEVIN! COME BACK KEVIN! 😀

real hair color is brown,favorite color is green,eye color is blue,loves food and his home land is ireland.when it comes to Niall,I know everything.

like if you wish you want a horan hug <3 <3 <3 <3

I’m a Directioner and I’m proud of it!<3

Whats on your mind? Duhh…One direction <3

*Zayn rips off Louis’ blindfold* BAHHHH THE LIGHT!!! oh i can see you now

Is waiting for One Direction to bust through the door and take me away

“If I were a food, I’d be a chili, because.. you know.. I’m hot!”~ Louis Tomlinson <3

One way or another I’m gonna see ya I’m gonna meet ya meet ya meet ya one day maybe next week I’m gonna meet ya meet ya meet ya meet ya-Louis Tomlinson

Y.O.L.O= You only love one direction!!!

twinkle twinkle Liam Payne,Niall,louis,Harry,zayne

we found liam in a spoonless place we found louis in a carrot cake we found nandos at Niall’s place we found zayn staring at his face

Now Bieber fever is gone One Direction Infection is taking the world! #1D4Ever

Truly, madly, deeply foolishly completely falling in Love with you. 🙂

Let’s go crazy,crazy,crazy till we see the sun<3 One Direction<3

One way or another I’m gonna see ya I’m gonna meet ya meet ya meet ya one day maybe next week I’m gonna meet ya meet ya meet ya meet ya-Louis Tomlinson

I’ve met One Direction 6 times. Multiply that by 5. Add 10 and minus 40. BE JEALOUS!

Let Niall sing because me and many other Directioners LOVE him! Ok? Yes Ok!

Hi I’m Liam! I’m Zayn! I’m Harry! I’m Niall! And I’m (..your name here…)!

a true directioner will understand what Nandos is. Who says Vas Happenin. 1..2..3..Flick. and 12 nipples, 9 kidneys, 5 boys, 1 direction <3

I love that everything I say and do I always make it relate to ONE SMOKEN DIRECTION! ~A Directioner

Don’t Like Niall.? Then GTFO. Niall Is 100% COOLER than you will EVER be, so step off -.-

Liam= the smart one Harry= the flirt Zayn= the vain one Niall= the funny one Louis= the leader!! Ha Louis’ a pretty immature leader but that’s why we love him

1 boyfriend? A good girlfriend. 2 boyfriends? A cheater. 5 boyfriends? A directioner! 🙂

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