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How to Stop/Unsubscribe Facebook Email Notifications

As its default settings Facebook will always sending you all the notifications to your email (Yahoo mail, Gmail, etec), it's same as the notifications you received on your Facebook account. In other means Facebook will always informs you double, first in your Facebook account,  and the socond Facebook will sending the notifications to your email inbox even if your not access your account. For a few reasons this is a good thing because you still can "watch" what is going on with your FB's account without you need to touch them. But for many reasons this is horrible, especially if you're kind of the famous person on Facebook, it's because you'll be flooded by email notifications everytime your friends give a comments on your status posts, or when someone messaging you to your Facebook's inbox, or even birthday's friends alert.

If you just like me, feel irritated and tired by those email notifications sent by Facebook to your email, then I'm sure you're asking yourself by kind of these questions: "How to stop Facebook email notifications?" or "How to unsubscribe Facebook's notifications send via email?". Relax, because this post will help you to get out from that "garbage" in a simple way. Whether your email are Yahoo-mail, or Gmail, or Aol, etc the instruction is the same, the thing is that you can done it on your email, but on Facebook account themeselves, and here's how it's done!

How to stop Facebook Email Notifications for Yahoo-mail, Gmail, Aol, etc:

1. Make sure you have logged in to your Facebook account
2. From the right-corner of your Facebook homepage/profile, just simply click Settings icon > Account Settings

3. From the left menu tab just click "Notifications"

4. Then you'll see all the notifications settings list, in this case you choos an email and click on "Edit"

5. Now to finish it, you tick "Only notifications about your account, security and privacy" and then click "Close" button.

6. Or you can directly visit the Facebook's notifications settings by clicking it here, and go to edit the email notifications. That's it.

After you've done it, Facebook will stop by sending all notifications to you via an email, unless the important email that related with your account, just like security of your Facebook's account.

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