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How to Watch Youtube Video Channels in TV Mode

Who doesn't knows Youtube? The very famous video site that has viewed and visited by millions people per day from all arround the world. As we already know that Youtube is very powerful in these days, You can watch freely any videos you would like to watch from all the catagories, such a TV shows, music clip, tutorials, funny things, and many others. Anyway, if you're using a PC or Tablet when you visiting Youtube, this site has its default appearance you might be recognize it as well, that as you can see the upper is the search-box, and the video located in the middle screen followed by its description under the video and comments, while in right-side you can see the list of the related videos you are watching. Then in the left-side you can see the video suggestions for you to watch, and a little bit your channel information, Just like the screenshot below.

However, do you know that you can watch Youtube video channel in TV mode? which this allows you to watch like your own TV at home. Of course you can watch the video by clicking the full-screen. But for me, this mode is very interesting because you can watch the Video even bigger and larger you also can choose the categories which located in the left-side, such as: Most populare videos, search box, music, video uploaded by a friends, gaming, sports, film and animation, entertainment, comedy, news and polictic and many others. As you can see below:

Once you click one the the catagory, for example "Sports", you'll see the list of videos is larger with the title above, where it'll looks like this:

and the video will start like this:

Then if you're kind of curious with this Youtube TV mode, just simply visit this link: youtube.com/leanback

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