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6 Things to Avoid to Do on Facebook for a Single

For those guys out there who are still single, haven't got a boyfriend or a girlfriend yet, while you're kind of interested to someone, even your Ex on Facebook that you want him/her to be your partner, then You should to avoid 6 things to be posted on your Facebook's wall. Why these six things you shouldn't do in Facebook or another social network, like Twitter?. It's because if you keep to post these posts, I'm afraid the guys you liked, would not even interested to you, could be He/She has a bad feeling or ill feel about you. So, instead of being a magnet to attract her/him, you will make everything is a mess. So that no wondering if your relationship status still single until now. It's okay for being single, but keep calm and don't announce it on Facebook too much. Well then, here's the 7 things you should not do on Facebook for a girls and a boys while you wanting someone to walk with:

1. STOP to update status every minutes
If you're often to post status update frequently even in every minutes, then you should stop it, because it's too much. Don't too much to announces your activity or about how you feel and tell it to Facebook. There's not curiousity inside of you for the people out there, even the one you loved on Facebook. Remember that the key to attract someone you loved is to make him/her curious about you.

2. Confusion's status
People on Facebook knowing you (your life) by the status updates you posted on your wall. We all know that the all day you will not have always a good feeling or a god mood, we meant that sometimes in a day you experience a sadness, confused, even crying. But keep in mind that whenever you have this bad mood, or a bad situation, you should stay away from Facebook. Don't even to think to post about how bad you feel.

3. Angry at yourself because you are single
Everybody has experinced a single moment. So, don't ever thing that you're the only one who are single in this planet. Please note that being single is not a bad thing, even during when you're single, you could explore yourself more deep. Don't get complaining with the single statuses idea, or envy because your friends in a relationship with the others. Enjoy it, and be happy with it!. You might think being single make you feel alone and lonely, but do you know what,  when you have a wrong partner in a relationship is worse than being a single.

4. Upload Photos
Avoid to upload photos that shows you expressing sadness, desperate, foolish, even showing your blody hand. You know that all these things will make people unsympathy to you, but they're might be thinking that you're life such a drama.

5. Upload Ex's Photos
We know that you had a good memories with your Ex(s), but please keep in mind to never even uploaded the photos you both. You might be think that's a good idea to show him/her that you want to go back in a relationship with him/her, but it's not guarantee them that they're comfortable with that. Or might be your Ex's has a thought to never ever back to you.

6. Being a stalker
Yeah, Facebook is such a good place to stalking someone that you're really liked, even stalking your Ex. However if you wanna do that, avoid that you're stalking them. But becareful when you stalking someone on Twitter, it's because with the app installed named Lockerz, the owner of the account will knowing who's viewed the photos has uploaded.

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