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How to find idea to write a blog article

If you seen the title above, yes it could be the question that always asked for every Bloggers especially when they're face that they cannot have find any idea to write about and feel stuck with it. How could not, this is happened somehow, doing Blogging means that doing write. It is an article posts to represents as an idea to be shared with an audiences. Some of you might have this such a problem (and honestly including me sometimes, even many times..lol :D). Feel stuck with an idea to write it's better than you feel bored and lazy to do Blogging. It seems that you're just have that moment for a while, in other means in another day when you have found an idea you can burn your spirit to write again. Now back to the question above, how to find an idea to write a blog article?

Basically whatever is your blog niche, the ideas is everywhere. You can get any idea to write to your blog, as long as you use your mind to thinking, I'm sure you will always find away about it. You know this world it selfs is full of with an ideas, there's unlimited ideas we can look for, started from ourself and asking "What I need?",  or "What I want?", or "what people really need?". Then another thing you could do is try to look surround you, look at them and think of them. For example, if your Blog niche talked about the computer/software/hardware, then you can ask yourself about these things.  If you see the computer screen, the keyboard, mouse, speakers, try to asked yourself what can you do with them?.

As You know that an idea to write a blog is related with "the keywords". The more keywords you have in your blog, the bigger your blog visited by the audiences. The keywords such as the door to open between the readers with your blog. And related with the keywords idea, another thing that worthy to try to find idea to write a blog article is you can visit Google keywords Tools that provide you billions of ideas over there, all you need to do just type the keyword/phrase and then enter, then you will be provided with the keywords that the most typed by the searchers. The good thing with this Google keyword Tool is you can use it for free, and me sometimes use it when I feel stuck with the idea to write.

If you still feel lost to get an idea, the try to do a Blog walking. You know being a Blogger  means to socialize with the others blogger, especially with the blogs that has the same niche with your blog. Give them a comment that related with the topic/title post, don't give a SPAM, because they will gonna hate it, and your comment probably will not be displayed but delete it immediatelly by them. You know by giving them a comment you also can build a backlinks which is good for your blog to be more popular in search engine, so that you can get more and wide audiences. Find out on the other blogs what that makes you inspired to write. You might thinking that your blog is better than the others, but keep in mind that you still always find the idea from them.

Well, that's all that I can be share with you about how to find an idea to write a blog article that it may sometimes a difficult problem as a Blogger. I know you there have the better ideas than mine, but it is worthy to try to make your blog even richer with the keywords. Googd luck!

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