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Are You a Lazy Blogger? It's time to wake up!

What is really motivating you to be a Blogger, is it the money?, or is it the traffic?, or is it the PageRank?, or just only a hobby?. No matter what's that motivating you to be a Blogger these all can be a good things, nothing wrong with those all. Same as like the other profession, a Blogger should have something to achieved, it's such a goal that makes a Blogger "alive", it is such a spirit comes from within kind of a passion that no matter what happened you will never give up to be a Blogger. Now, the question is, will you stop Blogging if you have already achieved all you wanted? will you stop blogging if you reached the money you wanted?, or the traffic you have targeted? and become a lazy person? Will You..?

If you're one of a lazy Blogger after everything you've done and achieved and satisfied with all these thing, and you think everything is enough, then it's time for you to wake up! It's because there's nothing you can get by being a lazy. For all the reasons, lazy is not good for everything. Why lazy is not good?. The basic answer is that you're life is not "a live" with having a lazy. And for the other answers is that lazy won't get you anywhere but stuck at the current circumstances, lazy won't pays the bills, lazy won't gat you to move on but make you down instead.

What I have learned about being a Blogger is that We should have do Blogging with passion, to write about something that we're really liked, to do something that we really loved and wanted, it refers to the quote

"Do what You love, and love what you do"

This is a key for all achievement, it's because doing somthing that we really love not only brings us to the best result, but it's also that makes us enjoy and happy all the time by doing this. And that's how we get rid off from the laziness that already prisoned us to do something that really wanted in this life.

Then if you're such a lazy for so long to do a Blogging, what you have to do now? Well, in my case if I have in that situation, try to take "Alone time", it is a time where you get to focus on yourself and look within, and began with the question "What do I really wanted in this live?". Ask yourself over and over again with these questions, "What do you really want?". It is important to get your spirit back. for me, it works somehow. As you know, there's no such the best motivator in this world unless yourself! yes, it is true. May be you can get motivated by people arround you, but until when? is it a permanent? or only just a few minutes and then gone.

Remember that Blogging is always something fun and enjoy if you write about something you love. I tell you again it is "love" that gives you the energy to keep doing a Blogging. That's how you're Blogging from the bottom of your heart, it's the pure thing that cannot be replaced by the other thing, and that's how the way to reach everything you dreamed of. That's why you have to asked yourself "what is you really love in Blogging?". By ask you with this question. it's helps you to find the "right" niche for your blog and get the best topic that you really wanted to write about.

"Life is like a ridding a bicycle. To keep the balance, you have to keep move one" - Einstein

Last but not least, keep inform yourself day by day with something new. You know this world is always moving and spinning arround, that's how we keep the balancing, as Einstein ever said. Motivate yourself as far as you could, you're the best teacher in thise world, you're the master of your own life, there's nothing better unless you yourslef, and STOP to compare yourself with the others. It is not the way to enjoy life with happily.

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