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7 Extreme Ways to STOP Addicted to Facebook

If you're the one who's been suffering it's because you're addicted to Facebook, no worry you're not the one, You'll see millions of people out there has also the same problem likes you now, they're addicted to Facebook, it means you're part of the "club".  There's a lot of reasons why We're addicted to Facebook, it could be We're such an emotional one that need to releases that feeling by updating status updates, or you're kind of "hungry" to get liked your status updates, or curious to get poked, or you're kind of wondering with all an updated of your friend on news feed, and many more. These are how Facebook has an interesting You, so that you're login, logout, then login again for so many times a day. Facebook such an interesting place full with fun, but since you realized that it spend too much time, and made you suffering then you began to asked yourself how to get rid of from Facebook addiction.

Basically Facebook isn't as bad as you thought if you knew how to use it wisely, Facebook full with an advantages especially to promote your product if you're self employed. Facebook such a great tools in these days to do an online marketing to get the market. But the thing is you're not using Facebook for business, but personal and it's disguisting your daily life. For me, there's two kind of people, there's who controlling Facebook, and others is who controlled by Facebook. Well, if you're kind of that you had tried so many ways to stay away from Facebook addiction and it's not worked on you, then this article will show you an extreme ways how to stop from Facebook addiction, get ready on it:

  1. Disable Your Internet Connection. The only way that you can access Facebook is by using an internet connection, so that by disabling an internet connection there's no way you can get to any access to Facebook. I know some of you might be not agree with me by disabling an internet connection, but it's worthy to try. Once you've done it you have no access at all and you can focus for your daily real life and enjoy it. What I trying to say is that You don't have to disabling the internet connection permanently but when you found the moment that you're in high mood to access Facebook.
  2. Install Blocker Plugin on your Browser. As you knew that many browsers like Firefox, or Chrome has an extentions, or plugins that has the ability to block a specific website from the browser. Once you've installed them there's no way you can access to the website that you'd like to access, like Facebook, or even you can block to access the p0rn sites. It is also good idea if you use internet connection in your house that used by all your family, to stay away from childreen from any "d!rty" sites that have a negative impact for that un-mature ages.
  3. Install Parental Control Software. If you are a parent, and you found your childreen spending too much  alot of time a day using internet cyber including to Facebooking, then you should be aware about them. As a parent it's not fear if you ask your childreen to delete their Facebook account, and of course this is not good for you both relationship, but don;t worry you still can "watch" what are they do along they're using internet, which sites thet have accessed, this is also good idea to avoid your childreen to get any access to a p0rn sites. There's many parental control service softwares that available on net, just like Eset Nod 32 Smart Security which this software has parental function feature that allowing you to "watch" all the activities of your childreen.

4 . Customize Dynamic in Router. Avoiding a specific website to be blocked like Facebook on your PC it could be opened by another user in your family, and now you're about to block them via your router. to do this you can use the service from OpenDNS, register on them and then learn how to customize the DNS and filtering the specific website like Facebook or the other sites that you would like to blocked.

5. Customize to Filtering site on Modem/Router. This is almost same like you're customize in Router, but we know that not all of you using a router but modem as your connection at your house. You know that all the modems has the ability to filtering/block a specific website like Facebook to not accessed, this just easy, you just go to "website filtering" and then type the URL address of the site that you'd like to be blocked. 

6. Deactive Your Facebook Acount. If you're really annoyed by Facebook and really addicted in to it then may be you should think to deactive your Facebook account. You know the basic known that why you're addicted to Facebook because the its curiosity what happening with your Facebook, your newsfeed, the notifications, the comments, the pictures tagged, and more. And then when you're deactivated your account you're kind of stop them from any curiosity and you don't have any thing that you should concerned about the account, you say "so what"..and it's good.

7. Delete Facebook Account Permenently. If by deativating your Facebook account doesn't really help you at all because someday you may and have the chance to open it and to check it then I'm sure you'll be back to be get addicted in to it. Then why don't you about to think to delete/remove them permanently. May be it will hurt you by deleting your Facebook account, but you should also know that "No pain No Gain". If you really would like to delete your account you can do it here. But please note, that you need 14 days hang on before it deleted permenently.

Well those are 7 tips how to get avoid to be addicted from Facebook extremely. If you have another extreme ideas how to stop Facebook addiction  please share with us on comment box below.

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