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Top 5 Online Sites ASCII Art Generator to Convert Image and Text

An ASCII Art generator is a tool that allows you to convert any images or text into ASCII format or it also called an abstract. Ascii Art genertor used to be used in Facebook, for example for Birthday Ascii Symbols, and I know you knew this, the ASCII picture shows you the collections of the line and letter that combines those syimbols to shape a picture or text, it's such like a puzzle you used to be played when you were a child, yes it might be :D. Along with the popularity of social networks, like Facebook and Google+, many users find the way how to create an ASCII Art they like to posted on their Facebook wall, or on profile info section.

If you would like to convert any pictures, or text into ASCII format, then there's a cool websites that providing you both to convert them. Whether you use that to posted on your Facebook, or another social media that supports ASCII code, including to post in your own blog.

You know there's many websites that provides you to do online converting and also generate your favorite image(s) into a cool text or in HTML code format, but here are the Top 5 online ASCII Art generator to convert Image into text, according to BloggerClick.com:

1. ASCII-art-generator.org
This ASCII art generator is an online to convert an image(s) to an ASCII form, especially for a presentation needed so it's available to printable in characters.

To use this tool all you need to do just click "Choose file" and then browse the image you would like to convert and then Click "Send" file". WHick the image format you can use to do convert are: JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP or PNG. And please not that the max ofsize of the image is 500 KB.

2. Asciiarts - Facebook ASCII Art
Facebook ASCII Art generator is the most used for online converter generator for Facebook status or comments, which has the ability to generate text and image into ASCII Art code.

By which to convert an image you just simply type the URL address of the image then click "Create AScii Art", while the second one is you just type the keyword (Phrase) you would like to convert, just like what I have made for the keyword of "BloggerClick" as you can see in the above screenshoot :)

3. GlassGiant
GlassGiant Ascii is the 3rd cool online to convert any image to Ascii Art that allows you to choose the column width and font size. You just can simply copy and paste the URL address of an image, or you can upload the photo from your computer to be converted. For example you can see the Monalisa painting after its converted to Ascii Onine:

4. Photo2text
Photo2text is another best to convert online your photo into Ascii Art. To do this, just simply choose a photo file frm your computer and then click "submit".

Which completely there's shows you a 3 steps: Firstly Upload a photo, secondly: Get text photo, and then Thirdly, Save it! and it's done.

5. Ascii-Network-Science
Ascii network Science converter is the powerful tool to generate text into Ascii art. This tools has a complete fonts to create an Ascii art and also has the ability to manage the width of the size, reflection (mirror), and also adjustment. This one is good to convert a text into ascii Art. To convert any text you wanted, just simply type on the box, and then you choose the font and then edit some feature you like, and finally just simply click "Do it" button.


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