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Hide/Block Your Facebook Account From Public Search

How to hide Facebook account from public search? - Since you know that now a days everyone is on Facebook, so that the friends, family even the public could be able to find you by typing an email address or by the phone number, or by the complete of your name via search box, as long as they have the Facebook account. Now the problem is that You have a little problem with the privacy of Your Facebook account that you unwanted for the public or from the people you don't know to access your account.

If you kind of have an issue with the privacy, and You think that Facebook can be a big problem to you, and if you know there's could be someone who disgusting you, or stalking you which they're could be your EX, or might be your enemy, or even your parents. For a short time you may can block a specific person, so that that person cannot be abble to access you, but what if that person create another "Fake" Facebook account? for sure she/he could be able to find you anyway. Well, now you don't have to worry about those all, because with the new Facebook Timeline form, you can now to hide your Facebook account from online public search from unwanted people out there. In other means, the only people could access your account is just your friends list.

By following this instructions, it means your account will be hidden from public internet Facebook search, via computer, mobile phone, and the others gadgets. Then here's the tip how to be hidden Facebook account from public search.

Step 1. Firstly, login to your Facebook account, and from your profil or homepage, just click a small "arrow", then you choose "Privacy Settings".

Step 2. Now you find "How You Connect, Control how you connect with people you know". And then you just simply click "Edit Settings".

Step 3. Now you will see "Who can look you up using the email address or phone number you provided?",

There's a choices you can make:
  • Everyone: In this means your account is be able to accessed by everyone (Public).
  • Friends of Friends: Which means only a friends of your friends can only access.
  • Friends: This only your friends who can access your Facebook account.
In this means because you would like to hide your Facebook account from publick access, so you choose "Friends". and then you click "Done" button, and you finish!

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