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Cool Pics for FB

It would looks more attractive if you're post a photos/images/pictures you would like to share with your friends on your Facebook's wall, instead of just status updates since we found that Facebook gives more spaces for photos with a larger size and clear. And I'm sure you can find a lot of pics in internet easily with various of topics even for a cool pics. Well, if you are looking for such a cool or funny pictures, photos, images to post on your FB or Facebook's wall, then these below are collection of cool pics for FB, which they are contains funny, amazing, illusion, and some of them are need to be look even deeper to seen it more clear that you need to guess it.

1. Don't you see the following pic is moving? Yes, the pic below looks like a flower moving everytime you roll your eyes, it is an illuison.

2. Smoke from cigarettes smoked by this guy look like real, but it is a highway

3. Two guys on the beach, one of them entered the illusion ball (it is the moon) to his friend make this pic looks cool

4. It's almost similar like the pic on Number 2, this pic has the illusion with moving leaves. It's looks cool

5. And this is the next cool pic with motion looks (but it's fake)

6. Guess it! It is water on the river or a bunch of people?

7. How many black dots you see? Well, you'll nnever guess it anyway, because whenever you move your eyes, the dot's color are changes become white.. This pic is an illusion.

8.If you look even deeper on the pic below you will see there's 7 faces on it

9. The pic one below has two side. One is looks like similar with the face, but if you tilt your head slightly to the lower left side, you will see the word "LIAR".

10. Guess it. How many faces on this picture?

11. The man who is doing gardening, looks like he is working with the moon. It's looks cool

12. Behind the following pic is the famous man, I'm sure you can gess him anyway.

13. How many faces on this pic? If you think this pic is only contain a pair of grandparents, then you guess it wrorng... looke even deeper.

14. Find out 7 horses below,,

15. This pic is the other one, you should find 5 deers

16. What do you think/ It is a pillar or a ships?

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