Jun 4, 2012

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Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse) Status Updates for Facebook

The full moon (lunar eclipse) it's the natural thing happens in this universe, including for this lunar eclipse in 2012 which will be happened today evening on June 2012. However you may wanto post the status updates to your Facebook's wall during this the full moon happens. Then these below are the ideas to make status updates to use on Facebook, especially for those who really loves about the moon that You think it's really beautiful. Well, here they are:

There is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Monday, June 4th

I can tell when it is a full moon without looking at the sky, people are just wound up too tightly!

enjoy your crazy day! There is a Full Moon among us...

Full-Moon out tonight which means all the crazy folks are coming out of the woodwork and for some reason they've chosen me as their leader :).

Beneath the Power of the Moon, we sit in the Silence of Being and Hold the Light Our Souls Know so Well.

It's a full moon. really? I'd have never guessed.

its a full moon! maybe a s3xy wearwolf will find me if i go into the woods ;)

You know you're a nurse IF you don't have to see the moon to know it's FULL!

Is wondering why the hell cant Werewolves and Vampires exist, dogs and bats do.

(((_|_) (_|_) (_o_) (_|_) (_|_)))
You just been mooned!

One night the full moon saw me crying over him.She asked me" Why don't u leave him if he makes u feel that way?"I replied "Well how would u feel if u left the sky?

did everyone look at the moon tonight! It's a full moon

Its a full moon. Make a wish on the magic of the Moon!

I see the full moon, the moon sees me, and the moon sees someone i want to see.

Loves staring at the full moon. Very peaceful. I like to look up and see the light that it casts. :)

is going to go dance n@k3d under the stars and bay at the full moon. Don't worry... it's not your neighborhood. ;)

ILY2TM&BA&F - I love you too the full moon and back always and forever!

From here to the full moon and back , Who else in this world would love you like that? Forever and always I'll be where you're at , From here too the moon and back<3

is Flying to the full moon in a taco, be back later. Do you need anything while I'm gone?

is dreaming of a walk along the beach in the full moonlight, waves rolling up on to the shore, hand in hand with a strong handsome man.

Update the supper moon will arrive on time tonight It will be here so get ready to watch when it comes you don't want to miss it when it comes tonight only asap


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