Apr 1, 2012

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April Fools Status Updates Facebook 2012

Becareful with what your friends are sayings because today is April fools :D, You know it's the day that everyone can says any "lies" or to be pretending that they're not they really are, but it's because it's April fools so it's forgiven for saying anything that's not the truth. Then here's Facebook status updates ideas about April fools 2012 you may want to use just to fool of your Fb's friends, Happy April fools and enjoy!

Anyone who thinks Fool's Day comes just once a year, doesn't work where I work!

I'll be getting married on April 31. All of you are invited. Happy April Fool's day! :P

Dear kids I won 2 tickets to Italy. I'll be leaving next week with my new boyfriend. I'm selling the house and buying a villa in Tuscany. Have a good life!

I'm so happy to announce I'm engaged! Everybody is welcome to my wedding on 30th Feb!!

This year's biggest April Fools joke is brought to you by Mother Nature. "Here's some warm weather, April Fools!"

believes there is a very big difference between fooling someone, and making a fool of someone... choose wisely today

hApPy ApRiL FoOl'S dAy!

<--Has just got a record deal, and is moving to Hollywood!

its April fools day so be careful its the only day all of the fools are out at once ...

talked to the doctor 2day. he said congratulations, your pregnant! I about hit the floor. What the f am i going to do with a baby? April fools

I'm pregnant. Such a shock, but happy : )

This status is dedicated to all u blondes out there (including me, even though I'm a Brunette) ' HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY!' A day when YOU can be yourself :)

Today is a day to be silly with pranks & jokes!! Are you going to do pranks & pokes?? LOL I am feeling very jokey & poky!! Happy April Fool's Day!!:P

For anyone who wishes not to get caught out on an April fool on FB press F13

To all those of you that suffer from senior moments, today you can pretend otherwise!

OMG I have won the lottery can't believe it,I just checked my numbers I am gonna be a millionaire,i think I'm gonna faint

April Fools Day: The day you tell your crush you like them, see there reaction. If they hate you liking them say APRIL FOOLS!! They'll never know

for April 1st, wants to find four pigs. Number their backs 1,2,3, and five.Go to the mall and set them loose.Watch all the mall employees scrabble to find #4!

hit ALT & F4 it's epic! It pulls up Youtube!!!

If you have anything important to tell me, tell me tomorrow cause I won't believe you today. Happy April Fools Day!!

Not feeling the need to fool people today. Mother Nature already has it covered.

Anyone who thinks 'fools day' only comes once a year clearly doesn't live where I live!!

how nice, they set aside a day for my Ex!! Fools Day. :)

Happy April Fools Day! This is a day for all you crazy, random, people who can't stop laughing. Finally a day to fit in!

Great April Fool's prank: Put a piece of bubble-wrap under the toilet seat so when your victim sits, they are surprised by a loud POP!

it's April fools day! it shouldn't be that special because you see foolish people everyday!

wants everyone to know that I will not take any "serious" Facebook status updates seriously today...so if you're dying, we'll talk tomorrow

Happy April Fools Day everyone. :)

April Fool's Day? You mean they set apart a day in April just for me?! They shouldn't have!

APRILS FOOLS DAY, so today is either going to end with me laughing or in custody :P


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