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I Can't Sleep Status Updates for Facebook Insomnia

Founded Yourself can't sleep at night, at the time that You should fallen a sleep like the other normal people in your area it's not really a good at all. It's not because you have so many thoughts in you mind, or not also because you have so many problems causes that you can't sleep, or you're not insomaniac either. The thing is you just can't sleep for no reason. Of course you're gonna feel s*cked at the momment. But luckily you have Facebook, to accompany you when you cannot sleep. Or you might be think that it's Facebook causes you cannot sleep, the internet connection, yes may be. Anyway, these below are Facebook status updates about can't sleep at night. While in earlier posts, there's also related articles with sleep at night, they are:

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Can't sleep...my brain thinks bedtime means it's time to solve the problems of the world

is it just me or am I the only idiot still up at this ungodly hour?

Note to self: Any brilliant idea thought up at 2am is probably not so brilliant...

whoever stole the off switch for my mind please return it, no questions asked

I can't sleep. I try to then a thousand thoughts pop into my head. Why is it easier to shut down my computer than it is my brain? Here sheep sheep sheep

I don't stay up all night because *of* you. I stay up all night because i can't sleep *without* you.

So MANY things on my MIND!!!

wonder's why the harder you try to sleep the more thoughts that wander into your head and keeps you from actually falling asleep

Cant Sleep. but ima try once again. If my mind keeps running in circles, then ima just trip the son of a b!tch and k!ck it out so i can get some REST!

I hate those days where all I wanna do is sit in my room, under my comfy blankets,and cry myself to sleep, and forget the whole world..today's one of those days

this message has been brought to you by insomnia, because I CAN"T EFFING SLEEP !

I can tell that this is going to be a 'sleep, what is sleep' kind of night. :(

sometimes i like to sneak up on my alarm clock while its sleeping and start yelling "BEEP BEEP BEEP!" than ask him how he likes it!

I'm too sleepy to stay awake and too awake to go to sleep.

don't u just hate it when it takes forever to fall asleep, and when u finally get to sleep it's time to get and go to work. :(

It's happening AGAIN!-Why can't I sleep like "normal" people at a "normal" time???

Mr. Sandman needs to come for a visit and k!ck the sh!t out of Mr. Insomnia.

Dear Mr. Sandman, I think you lost my address. I live on the corner of Sleepless Road and Insomnia Street. Look for the bleary-eyed, crazy person in the road...

If you find that thing called "sleep", send it my way. I've been looking for a very long time.

Insomnia bites big time... so this is why I am up on this darn computer looking and talking to know one... cause all the normal people are SLEEPING! Wish I Was

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