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TGIF Statuses Facebook Updates (Thanks God it's Friday)

TGIF (Thanks God it's friday), the day always been waited. How could not, it's weekend, the day to have fun. Anyway, below are Facebook status updates only for those who excited to welcome it's a Friday. While in earlier post, there's Friday Statuses ideas, that also has related with. Well, enjoy Your friday and Happy weekend.

1. TGIF...the best four letter word I've used all week.

2. we made it over the hump and now it is down hill from here and if you stand on your tippy toes you can see the weekend starting to appear!

3. FRIDAY...It's about d@mn time!

4. Please be kind to me Friday...your buddies Mon - Thurs have really kicked my ass this week.

5. TGIF... Thank Goodness I'm FABULOUS!!

6. If TGIF is Thank God It's Friday, then today must be SH!T, Sure Happy It's Thursday.

7. Slide to the right! Slide to the left~ I'm just doing my Friday dance!! Have a great day!!

8. TGIF!!! Let the Shenanigans Begin!!!

9. This day is brought to you by the letters TGIF!

10. TGIF!!! There isn't enough beer in the world to erase the horrors of this week but I sure am going to give it a good try.

11. Psst... it's Friday... YAY!!

12. TGIFFF: Thank GOD it's Finally Frickin Friday!!!

13. Bail money, check. Friends, check. Video camera, check. Passion to party, check. ITS FRIDAY * :)

14. If you're thinking "TGIF" press the like button

15. Woke up thinking, T.G.I.F.! Until my co-worker replied S.H.!.T. (Sorry Honey It's Thursday. Well d@mn it man, talk about bursting my bubble!!

16. TGIF!~TGIF!~TGIF!~ OK this has multiple meanings! #1~Today God is first! #2 Thank God I'm Forgiven! #3 Thank God it's Friday!

17. TGIF! Thank God I'm Free? Oh wait. Thank God I'm fabulous? Hmmm :/ Oh yeah! Thank God It's Friday! YEAH! :)

18. Is happier than a flea on a mutts bvtt...TGIF!!

19. tee, gee, eye, fricken' eff!

20. gonna buy me a pair of undies that say T.G.I.F so he knows that tongue goes in first!

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