Jan 13, 2012

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Status to make a guy (Ex) Jealous on Facebook

Having Your Ex boyfriend (or Girlfriend) on Facebook's friends list is such uncomportable thing, especially when He/She tries to make You jealous with His/Her new boyfriends/girlfriend. However, when you found this on Facebook, my suggest is don't react too much, but keep calm and stay in control, You may want to block or delete them, but You won't and keep them instead on Your Facebook, then You might have an emotion feelings, but never show to them that You are suffer, instead show to them You are happy and free with Your new status right now :)

Suggestion: How to make a guy/ex/someone jealous on Faceook
Anyway these below are Facebook status updates ideas about to make a guy/ex jealous to post on Facebook wall, meanwhile in earlier post BloggerClick.com has also posted 10 Statuses to make ex jealous You may want to check out them too, keep to put smile on Your face :)

Always remember an EX is an EX for a reason. Its an Example of what not to do in the future.

Tell your ex to get my name out of his mouth. I mean I know jealousy tastes sweeter with sugar but D@MN I'm about to send that b!tch into a diabetic coma!!

i don't worry about you being with another because when i take my trash out its gone.. i don't recycle baby!*AJP*

It must b hard 4 u 2 always have me on ur mind, knowing you screwed up and now I have what was once urs.

I really don't know what to say. You lost me. I let you have me again. And nothing has changed with you. You'll realize your mistakes. But by then I'll be gone.

Dont hate me because you're bf chose me Hate yourself for not being good enough. Its not my fault Im everything you couldn't be and I do what you could never do

I'm so happy to know when u think about me it ruins your day. I may be a b!tch but look what I have and u don't. HAPPINESS!

The d!rty looks, the jealous stares. but the funny part is... I DON'T CARE!

I think someone either is very jealous of me, or doesn't want me to be happy, so talking about me must make them feel better about there own miserable life's.

Funny how you say you don't talk behind my back? Because the second you leave here comes somebody telling me what you said(;

Attention haters! Hating on others will not make you run faster, jump higher, look better or increase your bank account. Now stop it!

Hating on me won't do you any good. You know why? Cause I'm still me and your still jealous.

Don't hate me because your boyfriend wants me. You can hate me because your not me.

I'm a woman.I have CHOICES.I can do what I want to do.So don't hate on me when I'm able to choose something you are not in a position to choose for yourself!

You say I'm ugly, that makes you jealous.. i say your ugly.. that just makes me truthful(:

good morning everyone. and a shout out to my stalker who is so faithful he gets on all my pages everyday to see me and show his love. hahaha

I'm not jealous you're with my ex. I deserve way better than him. Go ahead and take that trash because you're nothing but trash too.

Me jealous of you? HA! It's simple. Why would I be jealous of you when I have what you want and what you want wants me? So, who's the jealous one?

Are you trying to make me jealous? or make me giggle?
keep trying. I love to laugh! ;)