Jan 7, 2012

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Sleepy and Tired Facebook Status Updates FB

Are you feel tired and sleepy right now? meanwhile you still wanna Facebooking, hmmm.. Anyway these below are Facebook status updates ideas about sleepy time off to bed at night, feel tired, and some are sleepy homors jokes to post on your Facebook wall. However in earlier post BloggerClick.com has published Good night status updates you may want to check out before you're going to sleep :)

is tired and has been tired. And now I am even more tired since I have been spending the last half hour trying to find the perfect "I'm tired" status.

CAUTION : THIS PERSON DID NOT GET ALL OF his SLEEP IN , i suggest you stay away from his until he goes back to BED ! [shes a little cranky]

"Tired" is an understatement. "Half dead" is a better way of putting it!

Now I lay me down to sleep, all wrapped up, except for freezing feet. Sleepy eyes & a nodding head, here I come, Lookout bed!

is down for routine maintenance and will return between 6-8 hours

Can't come to FB right now please leave your gifts, comments, likes, messages and pokes and I'll get back to you in the morning Nitey Nite -_- **BEEEPPP**

Well I've had enough of this. my sheep are too tired to even jump over the stupid fence, they've huddled up together and started counting crickets!Good(yawn)ZZZ

has never been this tired :/ wishes he could come hold her till she fell asleep. i love it when i fall asleep in his arms.

my pillow is singing "baby come back"

says naughty night! ummmmmm, my bad I mean nighty night! ;)

I think 'tired' doesn't really describe how i feel. I think 'half dead' is the better way to put it.

The stupid Sleep Fairy is waving that wand it front of my face! It's either I go to bed or that wand is going some place I'm sure he doesn't want it to!

Dear bed, i miss your warm embrace. But this cursed wench Homework plans to keep us apart,fore he is jealous of our love.But i promise,ill return to u one day.

Dear sleep, I really really miss you. It is so hard to function without you. Can I see you tonight? Love me

Dear sleep, I know we have been fighting recently, but I would really like to make up tonight. Will you please take me back? Love, me. <3

loves the feeling you get when you wake up in the middle of the night and see you still have time to sleep :)

is going to his place in Hawaii via Dreamland express. Cool breezes, warm water, bottomless bank account, and sunny skies. See ya there~

Do you hear that?? Silence! Ah! All the kids are asleep, which means they're on their best behavior! Time to enjoy it! Goodnight!

I love the way you feel when I lay my cheek on you. I love to wrap my leg around you, and feel you against my skin. Oh body pillow, what would I do without you!

I guess you could say I'm re-tired...I was tired yesterday & I'm tired again today.

Just think, if your name was "Sleep" I would so be doing you in my bed right now

okay so there's this thing called sleep and I hear its really awesome,.. so I'm gonna go try it out and see how it works! night ya'll

likes falling asleep listening to music, Good night, sweet dreams <3

A busy day has passed away. Darkness replaced the light. I've taken my med and going to bed. I bid you all "Good night" (Pretty good, huh?)

The day is over, the sun's asleep, the moon is high and I'm counting sheep. It's time for bed, I say goodnight, I'll see you all at morning's light.

Is off to feel what true love feels like with three of the most amazing bed partners a woman can ask for..Bed, Pillow,and a big warm thick Blanket Night Night


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