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Raining Status Updates Facebook

Speaking about raining, in earlier post there's rainy status updates. And these are some extra Facebook status updates ideas about raining, rain, rainy days, rainy wheater to post on Facebook wall. However find out more collections statuses ideas in this blog where you can click here. Enjoy your rainy-day!

is sitting in the sunshine out on the patio having a nice, cold beer. Oh, who am I kidding, I'm sitting in front of my computer wishing it would quit raining.:P

I LOVE RAIN!! The dark sky, thunder, and the smell!..RAINY DAYS make me HAPPY!!!

Rainy days are lazy days. Makes you want to watch movies, eat yummy food and do absolutely nothing.

Oh, the weather outside isn't frightful,
but it's also not quite delightful.
Though the roads can be a pain,
let it rain, let it rain, let it rain.

If raindrops were dollar bills, we would all be RICH by now!!

It's a lovely day , if you are a fookin duck.

*sings* Row row row your boat, gently down the STREET, Merrily merrily merrily merrily, I used to use my feet...LOL

Yeah! It's Still Raining! I Love the rain! I never want to see the sun again! (Wondering if reverse psychology will work?)

is thinking today is the perfect sort of day for laying in bed cuddled with the one you love and watching movies and drinking something warm

Lovely weather we are having today, even the dog looked at me like what the hell lady I'm not going out in that!

ever had the urge to just go outside when its raining to jump in puddles??

After having to deal with all this rain, wouldn't it be nice to have a blooming money tree growing in the backyard as a reward . . .

Today is the perfect day to just lay in bed under the covers and watch television.

if not for the rain, my car would never get washed, thanks Mother Nature

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