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Google Keyword External Tool

Google Keyword External Tool - If You are a Blogger and newbie, then You should know this tool, yes it's a Google Keyword External which is a free services given by Google to help You find the best keywords, unlike many other keywords tools out there that You have to pay some money about to use it. Work with Google Keyword Tool helps to find the best keywords that have relevancy with Your niche, it's like a guider to find what kind of Keywords to used as a title of an article posts.

If You're kind of lost about to find the best keywords for Your blog, then Google Keyword External Tool will helps You to find the keyword ideas. Once You type and enter the keywords, You will provided with more keywords related with, You will also find the competition of that keywords, Global Monthly Searches, Local Monthly Searches, and more.

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How to use Google Keyword External Tool?

Let's see the screenshot below about how it looks like:

(Click on image to view larger)

As You can see from the image above, it's the appearance of the Google External Keyword Tool page, and here's about how to use it:

1. Visit Google External Keyword Tool

2. Type the keywords (word or phrase) on box (or, You can directly enter the specipic site name to find their keywords)

3. For Advanced Options and Filters, You can choose the specipic countries, and languages refers to Your Blog niche and language.

4. Then You enter the "captcha" code, and then hit "Search" button.

Then it will show the result of the keywords that have relevancy with.

(Click on image to view larger)

As You can see from the screenshot above, there are some results, like: keyword ideas, keyword competition, Global monthly search, Local monthly search. So, to find the best keywords is, You should choose the low competition, high global monthly search and also hight local search of course to use a title post on Your article post. Enjoy! :)

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