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Confused Status Updates to Post on Facebook Wall

Sometimes when We're get confused, We get lost at that time. However as far as We know which one is REALLY We want and which one is not, it makes the mind clear about something We're thinking about, not to confused instead. The key is to keep FOCUS only for something We want, not for something We don't want. Anyway if You feel get confused about the situation You are Facing now, then these below are Facebook status updates ideas about get confused to post on Facebook wall. However find out more statuses ideas here, keep smile and enjoy :)

I'm not lost, I just don't know where I am or where I should go or how to get back to where I was

Ever have that feeling where you just have an empty space in your life. and you don't know what it is. yeah that feeling is k!lling me

just because i can sit and laugh and smile all day that doesn't mean I'm OK just that I'm good at hiding my feelings from you and everyone else :(

I just can't explain what I want or what I'm thinking.

We're all looking for answers in a world that can't answer them.

I've trained myself to hold in the hurt and fake the smiles. It's okay though, I've gotten used to this numb feeling. It's all I ever feel anymore.

Ugghhhh!! I don't even know what I want anymore...

don't you hate it when you don't know what to do and don't know what to say, then you try and think about it but then you don't even know what to think

I'm one of the most complicated people I've ever met.

so confused don't know what to do bout anything anymore wish i were five years old again things were so much freakin easier

Sometimes I wish people would just understand who I am for once! I know its nothing personal to you but...I just need someone to tell me its alright...

feels like they've been stuck in a round room and told to stand in the corner...

So much confusion, so little time...

life is like a puzzle you don't no what its gonna be till you put it together and even then... sometimes there's a piece or 2 missing...

Why is it that I have all the answers for everyone else but can't seem to give myself any?? I'm always there to help others, but never help myself?!

Sometimes it is hard to put into words how your feeling. & Other times you wish you could scream it to the world. But Today id settle for a Hug =/ x

The only thing I am absolutely certain of is that I don't know anything...

I'm not here for you to understand, I'm hear to confuse the hell out of you each and every day and I'm so good at it too...

The happier and more cheerful someone is on the outside, the sadder and more confused they are on the inside.

my head is screaming one thing, while my heart is screaming another. i don't know which to listen to, but it's tearing me apart!

Why does life and relationships have to be so complicated.Why cant we just do what we want and not care about what other people think.They can like it or not

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