Jan 6, 2012

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Best Friend Forever Status Updates Facebook

Your best friends is someone need to be appreciated, the trully best friends always be there when we're feeling down. Anyway, these below are Facebook status updates ideas about best friends to post on Facebook wall, however find out more interesting statuses ideas in this blog with many topics where you can click here, enjoy!

If you <3 your Best Friends like a brother or sister comment below and tell who your Best Friends are..ILY<3 :)

We are crazy but we have fun, we are hyper but at least we're not dull,sometimes we talk too much but we're not boring. That's me and my best friend!

.My Best friend was here from the start. And will be here till the end when we are in the nursing home waking each other with canes!! I love my best friends..!

You can count on me like 1-2-3 and I'll be there, and I know when I need it I can count on you like 4-3-2 and you'll be there, that's what friends are for <3

a friend will be there looking at you when you fall down.a best friend will be right beside you on the ground laughing with you

u r my best friend because: u make me laugh, u make me cry, your always there i wonder why, we fight sometimes but that's OK we are still best friends anyway<3

A best friend is someone who is always there and will make u laugh even though all u want to do is cry. A best friend is a true friend not a backstabbing b!tch.

My best friend is stupid, crazy, annoying, retarded, and funny:) <3 Remember I say this with love<3

A best friend is someone you can go to when you are down and you can tell them anything and they wont tell anyone!:) i love you best friend!:)

A true friend is a friend you can trust, but a best friend is a sister! :) Love ya sis<33

Man: Are you guys sisters? Us: Nope Were Besties!!! But we act like sisters!!

best friends are friends who knows something is wrong even over the computer

Best friend(s).n 1.Your favorite friend.2,The only one you can be yourself in front of. 3.The only one that chooses to be seen in public with you.

You can say all the crap you want about me, but say ONE bad thing about my best friend...Ive got three words for you..Rest In Peace:) I love my best friend

when u cry..i am your tissue!!wen u laugh.. i am your clown!!but when you need a friend..ill be your best!!

Your the Best Friend a girl could ask for, you never judge, always have my back, make me laugh when all I feel like is crying, I Love You...

My BESTFRIEND knows when I'm: scared, depressed, hungry, bored, happy, pissed and completely lost. Yet he doesn't care about all of my quirks.

Friends will tell u if your going to trip on something. But Best Friends will watch you trip then laugh.

Best Friends: U cry, I cry. U hurt, I hurt. U jump off the a bridge, Here I come! :)

You might not need me today...maybe not tomorrow...and maybe not ever, but if ever you feel sad and alone, remember I'm here for you, my friends.

Friends ask if you're alright. Best Friends don't need to. They just pull out a gun and say "who is it and where do they live?"

The beauty of best friends is knowing even when you DON'T talk everyday, they still love you and are thinking about you!


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