Jan 18, 2012

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25 Pain Facebook Status Updates

"No Pain No Gain", I'm sure You know the quote already. If You have pain now that you feel so much sad and desperate, just look back behind that quote to remind You that You're pain now is not just to make You feel get down, loss and sad, instead to make You gain even stronger than before. Anyway, the statuses below are the ideas about pain statuses, body pain, painful, love pain, loss pain, end more to post on Facebook wall to express about how You feel now. However, find out more statuses ideas here!

No my pain is not all in my head. Its in my back, my hips, pain pill hurry & do your job, this svcks.

A scar isn't to remind of the pain it caused, but to show you that you survived ;)

My silence is just another word for my pain.

Just because a person is strong don't mean there's no pain or is hurting in some way; for some people being strong is a way to deal with the pain, don't assume

Sometimes you just have to ignore the pain and keep going.

There are times when we must be hurt in order to grow,we must lose in order to gain...because some lessons in life are best learned through Pain!!

sometimes I wonder, why me? What did I do wrong to deserve this??

Pain.. it hurts.. Love.. it hurts.. Anger.. it hurts.. happiness.. it turns into being hurt.. Is there anything that doesn't hurt? :(

One day you will realise what we had and your gonna want it back so bad ! And when that day comes, i will smile and walk away, just like you did <|3

is sick of TRYING, sick of CRYING ~ the face keeps SMILING, but the heart is DYING!

I feel like I'm waiting for something that will never ever happen

Sometimes life just seems pointless to me.. all you do is your born, you love, you get hurt millions of times, and you just die. so whats the point?

Roses are red violets are blue sugar is sweet and you were too, but now the roses have wilted, the violets are dead, the sugar bowl empty, and my heart.. shreds

There are days when I get overwhelmed with memories of u & I struggle to breathe thru the waves of emotions that try to drown me. Today is one of those days..

not only are we no longer on the same page; i feel like we aren't even reading the same book anymore...

I wonder did God give us toes to find furniture in the dark?

If you really love me, then step up and prove it. If not, then walk away because I can't stand the pain.

...I realize I don't look like I'm in pain; you don't look like an imbecile. Looks CAN be deceiving.

Lord, yesterday was such constant agony. Now it's too much pain to sleep. Help me face the morning's pain, let your love shine thru me & give me strength today.

I am ill. I do everything I can do. I am the best judge of my capabilities. Do not presume to judge me, you haven't earned the right!

Just because it looks like I'm having a good day, doesn't mean that I am. It just means that I am good at hiding the pain. A true friend can see the difference

Ok, pain levels are getting too high. Time to go stretch out in bed and take my meds. Then drifting off to sleep. Night all. Blessed Be!!!

When you live with chronic pain, you never tell the truth.when someone asks you how you are or how you feel. You lie & say, I'm fine or I'm OK, & you smile.

hates waking up in so much pain it brings tears to my eyes. Nights are just as bad: drift off 2 sleep...pain wakes me up, drift off 2 sleep...ARRGGHH!!

wishes for one day without pain.

in pain today - please use soft and cheerful words


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