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Mark Zuckerberg Acknowledged Google+ (Plus) as a threat to Facebook

On Sunday, BBC England had broadcasted a one hour interview with SEO and Co Founder Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. During the conversation, there's not something really new to reveal the profile of Zuckerberg. However, there's an unanswered question "Is Mark Zuckerberg see Google+ (plus) as a serious threat?"

Mark has responded with a wry smile as a sign not want to answer that question, but finally he continuing answered:

“Yeah Google’s a great company and I think we want to look at and learn from everything that they do. But at the same time, people have shared a lot on Facebook and have already told a lot of their life story on Facebook. And we think that we have by far better tools for doing that.”

It seems Mark realizes that Google+ (plus) is a big competitor and also a serious threat to Facebook. Then so far Google+ (plus) very aggressively keep continuing to adding many new features and also the integrations of Google+ plus almost every week since it launched.

[Via: thenextweb]

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