Dec 10, 2011

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30 Merry Christmas Facebook Status Updates and Sayings

Talking about December Christmas statuses ideas anyway, has published funny Santa Statuses to post on your Facebook wall. Then these below are another Facebook statuses ideas related with Merry Christmas you may want to use them too. However you still can check out another interesting statuses ideas in this blog with various of topics which you can click here, keep the Christmas spirit in your soul and enjoy!

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It's about living & dying, salvation & hope, joy & peace, faith & love in our hearts & souls...Yeah, It's Christmas time again...Merry Christmas!

This Christmas we will remember all our loved ones, both near and far. Distance may separate us but love brings us together. God bless you all! Merry Christmas!

A boy writes to Santa asking for a brother and receives a reply back from Santa: send me your mother!

Whats the difference between Santa and Tiger Woods?? Santa stops after three Ho's!! Ho Ho Ho.. Merry Christmas :)

Christmas.. The wonderful time of year when you get your dysfunctional families all under one roof. Merry Christmas

Random fact: It takes 10 million snow flakes to make a snow man.

I just bought a Christmas tree. The assistant asked "Will you be putting it up yourself?" I replied "NO! You sick b*st*rd, It's going in the living room!"

Christmas song for those with Attention Deficit Disorder -- We Wish You . . . Hey look!! It's snowing!!!

Can't wait til' Christmas!! ♥

Merry Christmas to all the people who make my life special <3 if I have known you for life or just a short while i couldn't live without you :) luv you all xx

So when someone ask you " Where is your Christmas Spirit?" is it so wrong to point out your liquor cabinet?

God wrapped the first Christmas gift. In swaddling clothes. Thank You God for your most precious gift to us all.

May God bless the soldiers and their families that won't be home this Christmas! Remember them in your prayers! They are the reason we are home with ours!

<[:{D> HOHOHO! Merry Christmas Everybody!

May Christmas be about what's in your Heart and not what's in your pocket!

Happy Christmas Eve!!! May the Lord's Blessings be with you and your family throughout this season!

There's no better feeling than seeing Christmas through a child's eyes!

Please snow, please snow, please snow, please snow, please snow, please snow, please snow, please snow, please snow, please snow!!! that's my Xmas wish!!!

May you have the gladness of Christmas which is HOPE, The spirit of Christmas which is PEACE, and the heart of Christmas which is LOVE!!!

*<[:{) Hey, look, it's Santa!!!

Christmas...the day that God sent the most wonderful gift which will ever be given...Our only chance for salvation, his name is Jesus, not holiday.

I've seen Christmas trees n lights, the Cola Cola truck n the fab John Lewis advert, but Christmas ain't Christmas until you hear 'Fairytale of New York'

Ti's the season to be eating- fa la la la la..
on my diet I am cheating- fa la la la la..

Dear Santa, can you please email me a copy of your naughty list please? I wanna know where all the 'naughty boys' live. Thanks.

dear Santa all i want for Christmas is to hear my mothers voice, to feel his love, and have his arms around me. but i will settle for his to keep watch over us.

My letter to Santa starts something like this: Dear Santa, My sister did it..

X-mas time is to be happy & jolly. But for some, it's the hardest days! They're filled with pain and grief, so remember to reach out & touch someone's heart!!

says its begining to look a lot like christmas.. everyone is stressed skint and full of snot!

~ Lets work something out Santa, I know I have been a bad girl all year but you have to admit it you enjoyed watching it.

"All I want for Christmas is yooouuuu!!"


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