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25 "I Miss You" Status Updates for Facebook

Missing someone you love whole of your heart, while he/she's very far to reached by you at this mommentit's a very unpleasant condition. You could have kept looking at herhis pictures, or write a poem, or even a song for someone you miss it. Anyway, if you're missing someone you really love, then this below Facebook status updates ideas about: "I miss you", "I love you", to post on Facebook wall. However you still can find more interesting statuses ideas with many topics in Bloggerclick.com which you can click here, enjoy!

i cannot imagine ever feeling this way about anybody else ever again. ♥

I will wait,however long it takes,just to see you again and hold you in my arms,and we both will know we love eachother and will never forget eachother.

I'm crying but only because i love you and i miss you but i will be strong even if i have to cry...I'll do it for you

is staring up at the sky, wondering if you're looking back. i miss you!

Remember all those memories? I sure do. They haunt me everyday. I miss you not being here with me. I just want you back.

Without you, I'm not happy, I'm not complete. Without you I'm Nothing.

When i try to forget you, i start missing you.

Hello there, the angel from my nightmare. Don't waste your time on me, your already the voice inside my head...I Miss You.

all the money cant buy me time machine to go back and be yours..it cant replace your love in my heart with happiness anymore cause nothing compares to you

i miss youu, (: but i know that we will never be...there will never be a you and me.

I miss your hugs, your laugh, your smile, i miss the way you told me you loved me. Truth is I MISS YOU </3 and i love you forever & always

no matter how much i look happy i still miss you,and the memory of us will never fade; please never forget what we had because i never will

if u say beetle-juice 3 times hes supposed to pop up right? if i say your name three times, will you pop up?<3

Every day passes when you are not in my life
But not a moment passes when you are not in my heart <3

So I might yell at you, scream at you, tell you never to talk to me again, but the reason I say that is because I love you to much to even loose you.

sometimes i miss you and sometimes i don't, but don't ever think i regret you. at one time you meant the world to me and you still mean alot. i luv u!

Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting and forgetting means letting go.

there's not a day goes by i dont think bout u and i wish u were by my side,but even though ur not here i'll always know ur my guardian angel :)

I miss seeing your eyes and smile when I walk into the room. I guess you'll never know how much I really loved you

Why does an amazing hello turn into a tearful goodbye?!

I cried myself to sleep thinking about how much I miss you!

If I look up at the sky, I wonder if your looking back down at me and smiling. I Miss You!

remember when we used to text all the time? yeah. I miss that. :(

I missed you once,
I miss you still,
I always have,
I always will.

I can make others believe i don't miss you, act like i don't, but who am i kidding, I'm still madly in love with you, and am still missing you like crazy </3

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