Nov 9, 2011

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30 Jobs Funny for Facebook Status Updates

These below are Facebook status updates ideas about jobs, funny jobs, jobs hunting, jobs sucks, and more. However find out more interesting statuses ideas in this blog with many topics which you can click here, or you can easily to type your keywords on "Search Box" section on the right top of the page, enjoy! in a relationship with his job and its complicated

To make things more fun @ work they should have a drinking game , followed with a hunting stupid people day =)

Sit down, shut up, hold on tight.. Please keep your opinions to your self until the rides comes to a complete stop at the end of your shift.. Have a great day!!

Wouldn't it be nice just once to be under worked and overpaid?

is thinking of moving to India so I can get a job at an American company.

has decided my new profession is a 'broker.' The more I work, the broker I get.

I wish I could quit my job, but my kids insist they must eat, have clothes, and warmth. They win. Off to my soul-sucking hellhole.

Gee, maybe I can get a job as a job seeker? After this long, I'm more than qualified! No wait, "overqualified" means I will not be considered @ this time.

i was in a bathroom and i saw a sign that said employees must wash hands.i waited a minute and no one came to wash my hands so i did it myself.

Headed out, so I can bless all those demonic creatures I work with, with my angelic presence =)

If lying was a job, i know someone who would be a billionaire!

Forget the money tree! I want to know where the job tree is. You know, the one that you shake and job offers come falling down.

I think I'll go look for a job now! While I'm at it I'll look for the loch ness monster, and Sasquatch too because they don't exist either

to make things fun, job hunting really needs to be turned into a drinking game..

How much longer do I have to blame the economy for my pathetic luck in the job hunt?

Job "experience" is like credit, you can't get anywhere without it, you can't get it unless you have it.

Facebook should offer me a job, I am on here too much!!

I've decided to add "extensive experience in dealing with stupid people" to my resume. That HAS GOT to be a marketable skill.

How many applications do you have to put in before you actually get a job?? I know its got to be at least over 100 to be considered!!

My most recent job has been looking for a job. I wish to be fired from this job!! I want a 9 to 5 that pays again!!

Job's are like Bigfoot, you here stories about other people finding one . But you still think they are just a hoax.

Dear Job Fairy, could u please use ur little magic wand & fairy dust to help me find a job. One w/ good benefits, good pay & most importantly VACATION time! THX

Complain about your job all you want but in this economy just be glad you have a job to complain about!

The President and every congressman and senator should have their wages and benefits cut by 50% immediately! A lot of jobless would happily take their jobs!

Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to... wait a minute... Ho Hi Ho Hi I don't have a job...

says: from all the drama, backstabbing, and tattling, sometimes I can't figure out if I'm in elementary school or middle school...oh wait, I'm at work. think you can do my job better job than me, here have my keys...Good Luck!!

I spend so much time cleaning up other people's shit that I should work for a port-o-potty company.

It's funny when you have a job you can't wait for the end if the day/week and when your not working you just wish you had a job to go to!

I don't mind going to work. I just wish I could do it in my pajamas.


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