Nov 21, 2011

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25 Bad Day Status Updates For Facebook

You had a bad day today? take it easy because someone out there's in another place could be a worse than you now. Well, anyway these below are Facebook status ideas about bad day to post on Facebook wall. However find out more statuses with many ideas in this blog which you can click here, or just simply enter your keywords on "search Box" section, always enjoy your day no matter what.

~I have my good and bad days, some days I wish I could just click my heels together and disappear, other days I'm smiling. But I'm taking it one day at a time.~

When my days go bad i think of you to make it all better! <3

Thanks to music for giving me strength on the 'Fu*k it!' days! <3 ♫ ♩ ♬

Best friends aren't always perfect...sometimes they have bad days and pain inside and they need someone to listen and tell them it will be alright..(HUGS)

You know it's a bad day when your favorite feel good song doesn't even put you in a better mood.

Wonders if life has a refresh button to make everything work better :P

F**k life... Just full of disappointments.. when you get to where your finally happy. Bam!! Ur back to where u started..

Dear world, you have annoyed me today, now I'm asking you nicely to stop it or we are going to have problems.

Expect the worst. Then you'll never be disappointed.

Be warned, can't find my halo and wings are acting up, broom better start or it's gonna be a bad day for everyone else!

everyone has crappy days, don't get mad at them. Just be glad you're not have a crappy day!

Life is like Dominoes, when one thing in your life falls down so does the rest of it; then you have to go and very carefully pick back up the pieces again.

Some days... You just don't have enough middle fingers... ya know?

Blah...nuff said.

Have you ever felt like the whole world just decided to turn on you?

Sometimes you have a bad day but remember there is someone who could be in a worse place than you,so just let it go..tomorrow is a brand new day!

This day was a waste of makeup!

Another sh*t day in s*ck city.

I plan on having a fabulous day today so if you screw it up, watch your back. You don't know what insanely genius scheme i could pull off(:

I could be having the worst day of my life & nothing could be going my way, but just talking to you could still make me smile like nothing was wrong :) <3

Horrible day today...Felt like I was trying to bail out the Titanic with a Dixie cup that had a whole in the bottom!

So glad i have bad days, cause without them i wouldnt appreciate the good days.!Today has been great, im back on track.!

Its not that I hate you, its just that I don't have the energy to care anymore...

wonders why I even bother trying to have a good day when inevitably someone comes along and ruins it..

is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!


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