Oct 23, 2011

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Status Updates About Me, I, Myself for Facebook

For those who feels proud about being yourself, then these below are Facebook status ideas special for you related with proud to feels for being Me, I, Myself because you're unique, and there's only ONE like YOU in this world. The word 'Beautiful' it self describes BE-YOU(tiful), means that it's only for being yourself (not imitate the others) that people will see you as beautiful person. However check out more interesting status updates ideas in this blog which you can click here.

I'm imperfect, I make mistakes & I'm not a beauty queen. I have my flaws, but that is just who I am: loud, obnoxious and crazy.. Sorry but that is me! ;o)

I'm not perfect, but I'm pretty damn great!

Who knows me best? Answer these: My full name? Favorite thing to do? Thing I want the most? Thing I am most afraid of? My best friend(s) name? When was I born?

I can be thee nicest person you know , Or Your Worst Enemy - choose wisely x]

Behind my pretty smile is a story you'll never understand!

today, I've decided, is all about me!

I know who I am and what I am capable of. You'd be wise not to underestimate me.

Everyday I'm learning more about who I am. I am seeing myself and others in a new light and today I have decided I will not settle for less than I deserve ; )

Take me, or leave me. Either way, you won't find someone else like me.

It's nice to find ME again.

I'm down,but not out~on the verge of losing everything,but still trying~want to cry,but keep smiling~feel like giving up,but won't. I'm stronger than you think.

The only person I can be is me. Either u like me or u don't, but what u see is what u get nonetheless

if there's anything i want more than you, it's me and you.

The worst feeling is when you are being compared to someone else. I don't want to be the 'better' or 'worse' version of someone else. I just want to be me.

Don't judge me until you have lived my life and have experienced all the things I have gone through. Then you can make your decision about what you think of me.

♥ I may not be perfect but I don't need to be.
♥ Take me as I am, or watch me as I walk away!!!

To catch me, you gotta be fast. To find me, you gotta be smart. To be me? Please! You gotta be kidding! ;)

If you have never spent the time 2 get 2 know me, don't judge me by what I look like, how I used 2 b or what your friends have said bout me.

has decided its time to get back to just BEING ME!

says, I am me and I'm not going to change for anyone! I love who I am and if you don't like me then stay away for me!

I had the choice to be normal or to be me. Being normal would probably have been easier. But being me is so much more fun.

I know who I am. I Know what I can and cant do. I know what I'm capable of and I know I have flaws... I'm ME and I know it, Got a problem? I don't care!

I'm not perfect, and I have my faults and insecurities. But it's what makes me who I am. Take it or leave it.

Ive made mistakes;been a mistake;met/been involved w/some mistakes;learned from mistakes;will make other mistakes-I'm not perfect;but I'm perfectly ME-I luv it!

What you see is what you get. I'm not trying to be someone else, I'm just me. And if you don't like it, well that's your problem, not mine!!

what's in your heart let no one know cause people aren't always who they seem to be, & u end up hurt every time .. I am what I am. I am NOT perfect.. but I'm me

Call me crazy, sweet, nice, mean (at times) lovable and I'll say "Yup, that's me" I'm me and there's no one else like me!! <3

I am who I am. Take it or leave it. I'm not gonna apologize for what I do or say. If u don't like it u may dismiss yourself. I promise I won't lose any sleep.

is my name and yes, i am awesome :)

Do what you feel is right... No ones approval is needed but Your own.


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