Oct 21, 2011

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Status Updates about fake friends, people for Facebook

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Status Updates about fake friends

wants you to know not every status is about you. But if it did leave a little bitterness lingering, maybe I DID strike the right nerve after all!

As time goes by it gets easier and easier to see who is fake and who is real, who is important in your life and who isn't.

You know what? F*ck you. I'm out. And when you need me most, i won't be there. Thanks for wasting my time.

I'm tired of you pretending you did nothing wrong, so now for once I'm gona walk away.

You only think you are talking behind my back... I am hearing everything you say... If you think this is about you... It probably is

I tolerate you only for the sake of others but don't get it twisted, that will not last forever.

Wow. These are the years you find out who your REAL friends are.

You said you would always been there for me but today I broke into pieces and u sat there like i didn't exist </3

Definition of fake
-Extensions in your hair
-Fake spray tan
-Fake eye color
-Fake eyelashes
-Fake laugh
Yes..honey..you've made Barbie jealous..congrats

You pretend to care and I pretend to believe you

used to think enemies were the worst people in the world, and then i met fake friends and realized they're a lot worse

OK so I guess I need to start figuring out who my real friends are and the fake ones can leave.

Personally I'd rather have enemies than friends... Cause at least I know my enemies are real!

If you want to be my friend great if you want to be my enemy fine by me but you cant be my friend and hate me too. That's called being Fake!!!

Status Updates about Fake People:

Lot of fake people out there, think writing stuff on Facebook makes them a better person, but in reality, its just words. You should live by those words.

its very hard to act true to the face of fake people..

Hates when people are so concerned with my business that they forget to mind their own...which could using a little tending to.

"Im sorry that im real and I say the truth straight up and you dont like it because your only used to fake people and their lies."

People who are your friends when it's a convenience for them, are not your friends. Never were. Never will be. Real talk.

Hates fake people..if you don't like me, then u don't like me (no skin of my As*), don't waste my time pretending..news flash...I like making a fool of YOU!

Who needs a bunch of FAKE! friends? When a few GOOD! friends is all you need..

It's funny how fake and desperate some people can be.

Don't get to close to the fire, your plastic might melt(:

One good thing about being in bad situations; it makes picking out the fake friends real easy!

Calling me poor wont make you rich, calling me ugly wont make you sexy,
calling me fat wont make you skinny, calling me fake wont make you real

The true colors of a person come out when you least expect it. You spend years thinking you know someone and then you realize your friendship was a waste.

I'd much rather be alone in this world, than deal with fake people. Let me know the rules to the game you're playing, so I can play too.

Fake people are like garbage. Throw them away and leave them alone to rot.

Just got to use the "DELETE" button on someone who I thought was a friend.. but.. "THEY WERE THE WEAKEST LINK.. GOODBYE"


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