Oct 4, 2011

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Prayer Status updates ideas for Facebook

Prayer is the bridge to communicate between a servant to God. When a person has felt and in a situation unable to handle something that happened to him/her, that is where he remembered and requires the existence of God. Perhaps many of us who forget to neglect to pray, but we wish a lot of things for granted. When we feel our lives hopeless, prayer is present to provide a speck of light to the life of every man who wants it. These below are Facebook statuses ideas related with prayer, pray, praying, communicate with God that you may want to post them on your Facebook's wall. However, find out more interesting statuses ideas in this blog with many topics where you can get here, or you just can simply type your keywords on "Search Box" section.

Dear God, To all my FB friends: Let them all feel Your hope, peace, joy and love. Give them an opportunity to have faith when all seems hopeless! Amen.

Dear Lord-I pray for wisdom to understand, love so that I may forgive & patience to deal w/it all. 'Cuz Lord, if I pray for strength I just may kill someone.

Dear God: I'm having a hard time understanding "your plan" for me, so could you please just give me a hint and fill me with more of you and less of me.

Thank You God for all my blessings today. Forgive me if I have hurt anyone in any way. Amen

When u think all is lost & there is no hope, God shows up 2 prove u wrong & lifts u right back up with the greatest blessings 2 let u know he has been listening

Never underestimate the power of prayer.

Good night dear Jesus, the one I love best.
I have finished my work and now I must rest.
You have blessed me this day. Now bless me this night.

is praying for those who gave all... there are no words that express enough gratitude and love i feel for you.

when life gets you down and your knees start to buckle it's Gods way of telling you " Hey kiddo, it's time to get down and pray", not only when you want sumtin

Lord, I place my whole trust in you and leave all my worries behind me. Amen.

Dear god, thank you for loving me, accepting me as I am, wrapping your arms around me when I need it most, forgiving me when I deserve it least.

..the next time you ask god to do something for you, ask yourself when is the last time you did something for God! Think about it!

says his prayers for all his family and friends. LORD JESUS bless everyone with your healing hands. You know what their needs are I pray you comfort for them.

Dear God, I pray that all who reads this feels your unconditional love, the comfort of your peace, the warmth of your joy and is blessed with peace and wisdom.

Worry about nothing, Pray bout everything and trust God can do ANYTHING.

Dear Lord, thank you for this day and for providing all our needs. As I sleep may my spirit continue to praise you and place a hedge of protection round us Amen

think u have had a bad day? Just turn on the news! Keep on praying!

Now I lay me down to sleep, with my pit bull at my feet. If you try me while I rest I will put a .45 in your chest. God have mercy on your soul cause I won't!

Prayer is the worlds wireless connection

Lord, regardless of how weak I might feel, help me to know that I can do all the things through Your strength, Amen

Good night Family & friends! Blessings to you one & all! Thank You Lord for keeping the people I know and care for safe because I care for them all!

God may not always answer the prayers we want, but he always answers the prayers we need.

Dear God, please help lift the burden that is on my shoulders... I cannot lift it anymore. I will always pray to you, until the day I die. Please help me! Amen.

Prayer changes things...situations, attitudes, people, relationships, & the list goes on. God is so AWESOME!!!

God will never drop you any farther than your knees and that is the perfect position to be in. P.R.A.Y. = Praise, Repent, Ask, Yield"

Dear Lord, I pray that whoever reads this shall have Your comfort, joy, peace, love, & guidance and be carried by You-I may not know their troubles, but You do.


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