Oct 7, 2011

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Funny Chocolate Facebook Status Updates

Chocolate, whom people in the world who doesn't like Chocolate? I'm sure everyone loved it, started from the young people, an old, male. female, everybody loves chocolate. Now, what if you combine the chocolate with something funny, the result is as you can see in a Facebook statuses ideas below you may want to post on your Facebook wall and share with your friends to get comments from them. But do not forget to check out the other Facebook statuses ideas ib this blog with a lot of topics, where you can click here, or you can use "search box" section to select the status of other updates and type the keyword you there

There was a bar of chocolate in the fridge and a post it note saying, "Don't eat me." but Now there's an empty plate and a note, "Don't tell me what to do!" :P

Since chocolate comes from beans, chocolate is technically a vegetable, and vegetables are good for you. Works for me!

You know those times when you really need some chocolate? Well, now is one of those times.

families are like chocolate. sweet with some nuts. well my family is more like a payday bar. sweet with mostly nuts LOL

I'll hang on to your cash and won't spend it; I'll borrow something and give it back; but asking me to hold on to your chocolate without eating it? Impossible!

The Voices in my Head have taken over my stomach, and they are demanding Chocolate!

I love how ppl always say diamonds r a girls best friend
well not this girl
CHOCOLATE is this girls best friend

Well, wash my mouth out with chocolate!!

Oh you tempt me with your dark gorgeous looks, your s*xy smell you make me desire your full sweet luxurious taste. I want you NOW! I need you CHOCOLATE

People are like a box of chocolates... Some you regret ever trying, some are good, a few are great... and the nutty ones you keep around for a rainy day. lol

is trying to fight the evil demons, but the chocolate is using its Jedi minds tricks again...

does anyone else find it weird that Chocolate makes your clothes shrink?

The temptation, the torture, the lust , the greed, the teasing, the touching, OK just one more piece of chocolate

Chocolate. It's what's for dinner.

Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts. I think we could all use some CHOCOLATE!

has been kidnapped. The kidnappers demand payment in Chocolates. Please send lots of Chocolates to my home address as that is where they have kept me hostage.

Don't touch my chocolate. NEVER touch my chocolate. Touching my chocolate.. is like touching my chocolate... It just can't be done

Admit it! No matter how old you are, its always fun to blow bubbles in your chocolate milk!

Fun-size chocolate bars? Whats so fun about having to pick up 100+ wrappers from the floor after a chocolate binge? Huh? Answer me that!

Today is a great day for chocolate! But then again, what day isn't?

if you hold a piece of chocolate in front of my face, your gonna loose a couple fingers.

is wondering if it is possible to OD on Chocolate.. well, we're about to find out!

Today's agenda: wake up, EAT CHOCOLATE, take nap, EAT CHOCOLATE, go to store, BUY CHOCOLATE, go home, EAT CHOCOLATE, go to sleep, DREAM OF CHOCOLATE.

Have you ever heard the saying "chocolate makes everything better"? Well, I need about 300 bars of chocolate right now.

chocolate makes me happy, you WANT me to be happy don't you?!!

don't touch my chocolate...NEVER touch my chocolate!!!

has just read that chocolate is unhealthy! Right, that does it... No more reading for me!

If life is like a box of chocolates; mine was filled with a bunch of nuts! Can I get a refund?

wants you to remember your 5 a day: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, praline chocolate and chocolate truffles...

If I had a choice between chocolate and Johnny Depp...I choose chocolate covered Johnny Depp.


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