Sep 22, 2011

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Lazy Status Update Ideas and Funny Humor for Facebook

Here's the status update ideas related with lazy, lazyness mixed with humor, funny lazy, comedy lazy, joke lazy. Just find out the best one for you and post them on your wall to be shared with your friends and make laugh or fun. However you can check out more statuses updates ideas with many topics in this blog which you can click here, or type your keywords on "Seacrh Box" section, enjoy!

Humor Lazy Statuses

I have a good status to share but I'm too lazy to type it down :|

's "To Do List" isn't that long 2. Dishes 3. Laundry 4. Vacuuming 5. Feeding myself, but the first one is just k*lling me.. 1.GET OUT OF BED!!

I am not going to be productive today. I am going to save it up to do something Huge later on. LOL

I'm not lazy, I just enjoy napping in my free time...

What little energy I have today I'm going to use to breathe and maybe blink, that's it!

Goal for the day: To find a Cook, Nanny, Housekeeper, and Assistant that will all work for FREE ; )

I'm Seriously Lazy Statuses :D

is so bored, but too lazy to do anything about it

is doing nothing, and doing it well.

I'm not lazy, I'm just highly motivated not to do anything!

what do you mean I got nothing done today, obviously you haven't seen my farm??

My motivation went on vacation and I'm starting to think it only bought a one-way ticket!

has sent his determination off to hunt down his motivation and slay his procrastination. So far determination has failed to deliver on both counts.

Rainy days give people like me a special kind of motivation- the motivation to do absolutely nothing. =D

Fuzzy blanket + pyjamas + 2 doggies to curl up with + laptop + me = LAZY DAY! :)

says.. if it wasn't for procrastination, there wouldn't be anything to do tomorrow!

Trying to get my body to catch up to all the stuff my mind knows I should be doing

is so busy doing nothing that the idea of doing anything, which always leads to something, cuts into the nothing and then forces him to have to drop everything

Doing a whole lot of nothing and doing a great job at it.

is going to be productive today...right after I get done procrastinating.

I have so many things I "should" be doing. All I want to do is lay around and do nothing. Notice I didn't say "need to". I have an hour before that happens.

For your information, I'm not being lazy today. I'm doing my part 4 the environment & conserving energy :-)


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