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Install IDM CC 7.3.1 for Firefox 7 Plugin Free Download Internet Download Manager

IDM CC 7.3.1 for Firefox 7 - If you have updated your Mozilla Firefox 7 browser, you'll find that your Internet Download Manager - IDM (Full) won't works in Firefox 7. This new version of Firefox 7 has an issue with IDM (Internet download manager) because when you're about to download some files you will not see the automatic download button from IDM, but now you can fixed that issue by installing IDM CC for Firefox 7 as a browser plugin.

How to Install Internet Download ManagerIDM CC on Firefox 7:

Step 1. Click here to download add-on IDM CC.zip (373.32 KB)

Step 2. Now you extract IDM CC 7.3.1.xpi file zip You have downloaded.

Step 3. Right click on IDM CC 7.3.1.xpi, then you now click "Open with"

Step 4. After that you choose or browse "Mozilla Firefox"

Step 5. Now you click "Install"

Step 6. To finish just simply restart your Firefox 7. Enjoy!

We do apologize the link download was broken, please read another posts.
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