Aug 18, 2011

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Poke status updates humor for Facebook

Have you ever been poked by someone on Facebook? I bet you guys had it, right!. So, how do you feel when you get pocked?. Anyway, save your answer because these below I providing you Facebook status updates about poke, poke button, poke humor, poke war, pokeing, pokes, poker. However, you can still find more interesting status updates with various of topics in this blog where you can 
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1 poke, 2 poke 3 poke 4. Dang, I'm getting pretty sore! Get your mind out of the gutter, i was talking clicking not the other ! :)

POKE me if you have ever had a crush on my or if u currently do! don't worry it'll be our little secret ;) ha ha!

I'm bored of poking... we need a 'spank me, spank me now' button!!

WARNING: If you poke me, the poke war is ON!!

U do know that poking me to get my attention won't work, it'll just turn into a poke war u know you're gonna lose! :D

you know, if you keep poking me like that, people are gonna start talking.

Quit poking Facebook is sore!

often wonders if face-book poking is a form of cyber foreplay!

Can you poke me harder, cause I can't feel it. HARDER!!! I still can't feel it. Damn just come over so I can show you how to poke!!

Poke button? There should be more choice. Hug? Kiss? Slap? Choke? Kick? Fancy a drink? I fancy you? Smack?

Forget the poke button, I'm beginning to wish there was a punch button on facebook!!

1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. I declare POKE WAR! 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. You no you wanna participate! So Come Join The Fun (*_*)

gonna have a fb baby and idk who the daddy is..if only there was an app to tell me how many times I've been poked by who maybe i could figure it out

Poking just doesn't do it for me anymore... where's the "hit this person over the head with a baseball bat" button?

My Poke List is growing bigger, better and stronger every day :P Watch your could be poked next!

Poke me once shame on you, Poke me twice shame on me, Poke me three times send your number!

So, who's with me on this? Is anyone else tired of all this "Poking"? Seriously, can we please get a "Spank Me Daddy" button? ;)

Poke me again! I'm starting to like it!

do you have to wear protection when poking on Facebook just saying

is thinking when you get poked,where do you get poked?!

OK, keep poking me like that and you owe me dinner and a movie...just sayin ;)

With all the POKING I been getting on here, who needs a man!

With all this poking going on in Facebook you'd think I'd be smoking a cigarette by now!!!

If you're going to poke me, could you at least buy me dinner first?

How long before the "poking" gets real

Poke button? would like more choice, hug? kiss? slap? choke? kick?.

Let's see how many pokes I can get on here from different people in a day on here. Come on now, I dare you

Poke me. You know you want to.

Dear Facebook, Please give us more options then POKE. I'm getting sore over here. how about :"Tickle", "Nudge", or Hi 5" ? Just saying.

is fed up of poking you all, I want a spanking button now xx

wonders if a FaceBook "poke" is the equivalent of a "quickie". Please tell me I'm not the only one who has pondered this.

You NON-POKERS need to get with the Poking Program! :)

With all this poking going on... I think I may need to use some protection.

Do you ever wonder when you get poked,what they are poking you with and where??? I do. Then I Smile and poke you back some more,just a little harder tho!!! lol

ohhh, that last poke kinda tickled

Ever wonder why they warn you on facebook that you are about to poke someone? Like this is real life and there are consequences.


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